How do you build a tent

Put up a tent

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    Lay out the floor sheeting before pitching the tent.When setting up your tent, it is important to put some protection between the sub-floor of your tent and the floor to keep the moisture out. You should have a good plastic or vinyl groundsheet with you with your tent.
    • Fold the tarpaulin into the shape of the tent, but slightly smaller. You don't want the sheeting to stick out over your tent because if it rains it will collect water. Fold the ends wide and tuck them under the tent.
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    Lay out all of the components of your tent. Most modern tents are made of lightweight nylon, with one-piece tent poles and ground anchors, while older army-style tents often have intricate poles and fabric covers. In any case, you will need the tent itself and the poles. The assembly is mostly the same.

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    Put your tent on the tarpaulin. Find the bottom of the tent and place that side on the tarpaulin. Orient the tent door in the direction you want it to be. Lay it out flat, then take care of the bars.

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    Connect the tent poles. Depending on your tent, they may be connected with elastic pull cords, or they may be numbered and you have to put them together yourself. Pin the poles together and place them over the tent.

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    Slide the poles through the appropriate loops on the tent.Most simple tents have two poles that cross each other in an X shape to form the basic structure of the tent. To fit these into the tent, you usually slide the pole through an eyelet at each corner and then through small loops or plastic clips on top of the tent.
    • Check out the instructions for your tent or see exactly how the poles might fit into the tent. All tents are different.
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    Raise the tent.This takes some coordination, so get a friend to help you. When you have put both poles through the matching eyelets, the tent should take shape on its own. The bars bend, stand up and the whole thing looks like something you could sleep in.
    • Some tents need a little more work. Pull the corners apart so they are square and make sure the bars are secure.
    • Depending on the tent you are using, it may have plastic hooks on small strings that are part of the construct. After you have set up the tent a bit, hook these hooks into the tent poles. Add other necessary components so that the tent stands upright.
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    Secure the tent in the ground. When you have the tent on the tarpaulin, use the metal hooks and fasten the tent with the straps in the ground near the ground. If the ground is hard, you may need to use a small hammer or other object to hammer it into the ground. Some anchors bend quickly, so be careful when you do this.

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    Attach the rain cover if you have one. Some tents have an extra rain cover or fly. This is simply a second shell that covers the tent. Some have their own tent poles and are more elaborate than others, so read the instructions that come with your tent to know how to assemble this cover should you have a more complicated tent.[1]