Who created the Akatsuki in Naruto

Akatsuki information !!!

Akatsuki information !!!

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Pein is the leader of the Akatsuki organization. Much has been made about pain
not reported. You only know that your goal is all Bijuus
capture. He is currently in Amegakure. Why he is there
hold up? Amegakure has very strict security measures. Nobody
comes in or out without control. Pein takes advantage of that, of course. Because
so he can go about his plans undisturbed. He's that person too
which conjures up these huge statues, which the monsters from the
Can take out Jinchuurikis. He's been trying to lose some
To recruit new members. They say Pein has never had one
Lost battle. Later in the Naruto story arose
out the pain was formerly called Nagato and has a special doujutsu
which is called Rin'negan. It activated itself as an unknown
Chuunin attacked him, Yuhiko and Konan. His sensei was Jiraya and
taught him jutsus for 3 years. Jiraya still wonders why
Pein or Nagato just took this path.


Deidara is originally from Iwakagure and left his village
attacking villages as a terrorist. He joined Itachi after him
defeated the Akatsuki and was on the team with Sasori on missions
to meet. He and Sasori captured Shukaku (Gaara's demon). His
special ability it is made of lumps of paper so called explosive
To create "works of art". He has a mouth on the palm and in the
later you can also see his mouth on his chest that he used
to blow yourself up So to say its greatest
Exploding artwork: himself. He died when he was against
Sasuke stepped up. With his sword flashing, he could see the bombs - the
to Deidara's disadvantage - all Erdjutsus were defused. Finally
he blew himself up as just said. He had from
Start to hate the Sharingan because it makes the works of art useless
makes. That's why he hated Itachi too.


Konan appears to be the only female member in the organization
be. She works with Pein and seems to be the only one
who knows Tobi's real identity. She was once a very shy one
Girl. When she was around 10-12 years old, her parents were killed
in war. Just like Pein's parents. She has the ability made of paper
Create weapons. Her sensei was Jiraya and he taught her for 3 years
long jutsus. He already suspected that when Konan grows up, a beautiful one
Girl will be. Jiraya can't imagine why with her either
she has taken the path of evil. Something happened when Jiraya
disappeared, but what?

Uchiha Itachi

Uchiha Itachi is arguably one of the strongest members of the
Organization. He joined the organization after leaving Konoha.
Before he left Konoha he had exterminated his entire clan except for
Sasuke, his brother. Itachi has always had hatred of his clan.
They thought they were the best and the strongest. Itachi was a very
gifted ninja. At a very young age, Itachi became a jounin and years
later promoted to Anbu. He had a very good relationship
to his brother. One day, some Uchiha police officers stood in front
his door. They suspected him of murdering his friend. He
denied killing him. Then he freaked out and did it
Police officers incapacitated. It was here that Sasuke saw that for the first time
Mangekyou Sharingan from Itachi. Later it turned out
that you can only get the Mangekyou Sharingan if you own yours
best friend kills. As already mentioned, Itachi then rotted out later
his clan and left Konoha. From there he was an Akatsuki. Be
The goal is to capture Kyuubi with his partner Kisame. Itachi was
the only one stronger than Orochimaru. Orochimaru wanted Itachi's
Using the body as a container - but he has dealt with the wrong one
created. Itachi was just too strong for Orochimaru and because
Orochimaru realized that he left the organization.


Zetsu is a very mysterious person. He doesn't say very much
and is calm. In the background, however, he spied on Naruto and Sasuke
as they fought each other. His whole body seems in a way
Venus trap to be its body itself to be split in two: One
Half is black, the other white. He can with nature
merge and move underground. Since you've never seen him
having seen fighting properly, one cannot assess one's strength. But
he seems to be an extremely dangerous ninja when still tormenting him
has not started.


Orochimaru left Konoha as Namikaze Minato for the fourth Hokage
was appointed. He studied forbidden jutsus and joined the organization
at. He wanted to get Itachi's body because Itachi is the Sharingan
dominated. His goal was to get all jutsus around the world too
dominate. But Itachi put Orochimaru into a genjutsu and hacked
his arm off. After that, Orochimaru disappeared and took the ring with him. He
founded the village "Hidden Sound" and trained Itachi's brother Sasuke.
He tried to fit his soul into Sasuke's body. Yes, Sasuke
put him like his brother in a genjutsu and then kill
Orochimaru. However, Kabuto was able to get Orochimaru into his body
incorporate and now Kabuto and Orochimaru share one body.


Kisame lived in "Hidden Mist" but fled after seeing people there
killed. He joined the organization and was on a team with Itachi.
Your goal is to capture Naruto's fox monster Kyuubi. Wait
still at the right moment. Kisame's sword is one of the
"Seven Swordmasters of Hidden Mist". Only he can use his sword
check. It has the ability to suck chakra. If another
touches his sword, it pulls out its spines and injures


Kazuku is a missing nin from "Hidden Waterfall". He was
Bounty Hunter, later joined the organization and got in with Hidan
put together a team. You have to catch Nibi, the two-tailed monster.
His body is full of tendrils with which he gives his opponent's heart
could run away. On his back he had all five elements:
Water, fire, wind, earth, lightning. Every element is a life which
Kazuku owns. Because of these 5 elements, he only had 5 lives left
but also access all jutsu no matter what elements to learn.
Kakashi destroyed his earth element, Hidan accidentally destroyed him
Water element. Naruto destroyed his fire and wind element. Kakashi
then gave him the rest with his own jutsu, the raikiri. A
improved form of chidori.


Hidan came from an unknown village and joined the organization.
He was on a team with Kazuku. He's carrying a big scythe
rum and is the slowest attacker in the whole organization. He caught
Kazuku the two-tailed monster into me. Hidan belongs to a sect
who is called Jashin and believe in an evil god. The sect likes
Chaos and death. He is very religious and prays before every fight. After this
He also performs a ritual fight. These rituals annoyed Kazuku
very. Hidan is almost immortal. He was still alive when he was beheaded
further. Kazuku sewed him back together and he could fight on.
He has a very dangerous jutsu which allows - according to which one
The opponent drank blood - to kill the opponent. He draws in
Symbol of the sect on the floor stands in there and stabs itself
with a gun in the stomach. Since Hidan is almost immortal, it is for
don't ram him bad in the stomach. But for the opponent it is
it was an agonizing death. Because wherever Hidan hurts, hurts
his opponent too. This is how Sarutobi, the sensei of
Shikamaru. As Hidan uses this jutsu, it also changes
its shape. He looks like a skeleton.


Sasori left Sunagakure 20 years before the series began and resigned
the organization. His partner was Deidara. He is a more legendary one
Puppet master who can turn people into puppets with you
Jutsu which is called "Hitokugutsu". These humanoid dolls
master all the jutsu that they mastered before their death. He
itself has also turned into a kind of doll. Just a little more
Part of his body is made of flesh and blood. He's got this part in a
Incorporated doll. His parents died as Sasori a little more
Boy was. His parents were killed by "Konohas White Fang",
Kakashi's father. Sasori died fighting Sakura and Chyoba-sama
when his doll parents fatally pierced him with their swords. He
had a difficult childhood without parents. His grandmother Chyoba-sama
had to worry about Sasori. But since he's a doll, he thinks
to know no more feelings.


Tobi was with Zetsu a lot at the beginning. After Sasori's death, he became
Deidara's new partner. After Deidara died too, left
he tormented and gave him "orders". He has a very high rank in
the organization. Tobi himself always appears suddenly and
disappears. He speaks very politely. Deidara didn't like him that much
very. Tobi annoyed him a bit. When Deidara died, he also admitted
To be Uchiha Madara. But it is not 100% sure that he is Uchiha
Madara is. But there is an indication that he could be Uchiha Madara, him
owns a Sharingan. After you've seen Tobi in the manga
Sharingan in the right eye also lost the suspicion
Tobi Obito could be. Because Obito's right half of his body was crushed
and thus also his eye. In the right eye it should be blind and
could not see anything as Tobi because Tobi's mask only opens one hole
the right side owns.

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