Can someone help me in my life

When is the time to let go of people?

I checked my email inbox and saw a message that arrived a few minutes ago.

It was a message from a very dear person who brought up the subject of letting go. Letting go of peoplewith which it does not work in reality.

Since it is currently the case with me, it made me think and write.

Sometimes we hold on to friends, acquaintances or romantic relationships that don't work in reality.

We paint things beautifully and see the facts warped. But it does us more harm than it can help us.

I am currently holding on to someone who is not doing me particularly well. I idealize the person when I shouldn't.

Sometimes I'm just too positive and unrealistic and think that all problems can be overcome somehow.

But that is naive and does not always correspond to the truth!

Some people just cross our path so that we can learn something and not so that they continue to accompany us.

I met someone who showed me many of my weaknesses.

Every day, every hour a different one. Until all points were downright sore.

From anger and anger to disappointment and rejection, everything was there.

That doesn't mean that person should stay in my life. Because at some point what has happened and what has been learned has to be processed.

I see this experience more as a kind of reflection of my weak points. I see my sore spots very clearly and can grow. It doesn't mean he was a bad person either. I just felt a lot of emotions.

When did the point come to let go of people?

There are people who do more harm than good.

It makes sense to learn from the experience and the suddenly visible and palpable wounds and to wonder why it hurts. Why is this person making me so angry?

The resulting answer is not always pleasant.

But it brings us further in life. Next as pleasant and easy experiences.

Most of the time it's just an indication that there is Something needs to be clarified in us.

No matter how much anger these people trigger in us: it is our disorder and our problem and not the problem of the person that triggers these feelings in us.

When we hold other people accountable for our anger, we portray ourselves as victims and judge others instead to work on us.

As long as we don't clean up inside ourselves, such people will often cross our path. Until at some point we take responsibility for our emotional world.

Ultimately, we should perhaps even be grateful that these people, of all people, are crossing our path.

Because through these experiences we only find ourselves faster. It becomes more apparent who we are, what we want from this life and what not.

So say thank you, learn, set limits and go on living.

This is an excerpt from my book Freedom Begins in the Mind. If you want to read or learn more from me, then take a look at my course. I have been able to accompany a lot of people into a happier and more free life.