What nicknames do you call your baby

Honey or baby What your nickname says about your relationship

It is not new that the nickname our partner gives us says a lot about their relationship with us. How he sees us, how he wants to see us and how he loves us, all of this can be indirectly read from his nickname. Most of the time we are not even aware of this because we have long got used to our nicknames and no longer question them. But woe to you, a friend has a strange nickname. Then we are wide awake and so make our thoughts about it.

That's why the nickname your sweetheart gives you is well worth a second look. With all love: What else do Schatzi or Bärchen say about your partner?

Princess, angels and co.

Many men respectfully call their girlfriend Princess, Madame or Angel. Anyone who calls their partner that will certainly feel like a knight on a white steed who comes ridden to save his loved one. Here, so to speak, two great romantics meet who don't shy away from a pinch of kitsch. Which is also very cute again. But these kind of nicknames also show that the partner feels like a protector, as the strong part in the relationship who takes care of his little princess.

Honey - really unimaginative?

Even if he is often ridiculed: Schatz is still at the top of the list of the most popular nicknames. And rightly so. You like men who are their girlfriends sweetheart call accuse that they are unimaginative. But ultimately this nickname also says that he sees you as his greatest treasure in life, as something very valuable and lovable. This shows respect and true feelings. And that makes up for its minimal lack of imagination, right?

From pearl to doll

Yes, there are, unfortunately, pet names that have a slightly suggestive or proletarian touch. Vice versa, she could be him Engraver and he call them Bumsbärchen or Bumsinchen. All in all, this is meant lovingly (even if it usually doesn't sound like it) and rather shows that both want to be cool and are not used to showing their feelings openly. Especially not in front of others. So don't see it as cold when he calls you his pearl. Actually, he just wants to say something nice and can't quite get out of his skin.

give me animal names

Of course we are not talking about insults during sex, but about cute animal pet names. Bear, mouse, rabbit and kitty are also very popular as a loving nickname. What that says: Well, the partner is trivializing you here by calling you like a little animal. And unfortunately that also means that he likes to be in charge of the relationship and see himself as your great protector.

Cute and small

Pet names like go in roughly the same direction Sweetie, little one, sweetie or shorty. Here, too, the loved one shows himself to be a caring protector who takes care of his little one. At the same time, these sugar-sweet nicknames also testify to a very loving view of the partner on his loved one. There are deep feelings at play here. Every sweetie or shorty can count themselves lucky.

Wild fantasy names

who is particularly creative with the nickname his partner, who also shows that we belong together. We have our inside jokes and many shared experiences that weld us together. It is not uncommon for the nickname to refer to a special experience in the getting-to-know-you phase, to the first impression you had of each other or to the secret name you gave your crush during the getting-to-know phase. Such nicknames show that the relationship is intimate and full of passion for one another.

Sex bomb on the go

Does he call you Honey, babe or pussycat, then that also says a lot about how he sees you. In this case, you are primarily sexually attractive to him. The physical is very important to you. He thinks you are hot and for him you are above all the lure on two legs and less the life partner at eye level who is at his side with advice and action.

Not very charming

If one of the partners Pug, chubby fairy or fat girl calls, then you have to say clearly: Nice is somehow different. And even if he means it maybe just nice or funny: If you don't feel like laughing at such a nickname, then don't use this name. Ultimately, however, it shows that your partner is counting on your humor and that you are open and relaxed with each other. He will definitely always give you his opinion openly.

The meaning of the nicknames: THAT says it about you when you call him "sweetheart"

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