What is Boris Johnson's democracy

Boris Johnson wants BBC to cut fees : The ax attached to a pillar of democracy

Boris Johnson has long had a Rochus on the public broadcaster of the BBC. How much the Prime Minister wants to curtail the British Broadcasting Company is now emerging. The "closed, privileged world of the BBC" must be "turned upside down," said Johnson chief strategy officer Dominic Cummings years ago.

For many conservatives, the national and global broadcaster is literally a red rag. In the style of populists, Johnson wants to convert large parts of the fee-financed institution to a subscription model - if you want to hear, you pay.

Then, according to Johnson's demolition worker, it will become clear how popular the BBC is with the population. Only the major radio stations Radio 3 and 4 and the international BBC World section are to be retained.

Johnson's attack targets more than just a radio and television station. It is a cornerstone of British democracy. While the royals represent Great Britain's monarchist folklore and are tolerated with leniency even by many leftists as a piece of British inventory, the BBC represents the modern, cosmopolitan country like no other institution besides parliament.

Freedom of the press symbol

What is more, the BBC embodies freedom of expression and the press not only in the West, but throughout the world.

While in exile, Thomas Mann was able to broadcast his calls on the BBC under the title “Deutsche Hörer!” During World War II, and Charles de Gaulle, from London in 1940, gathered the Forces Françaises Libres when he was at the station's headquarters in Bush House Called for solidarity against the Vichy regime.

The BBC stands for a national and global network of correspondents, for independent, investigative formats and sensational nature documentaries, which private broadcasters nowhere do in a form even remotely comparable. Critics of the destruction rightly warn of a cultural catastrophe, for example in the field of classical music.

Internationally reliable source

Disregarding the fact that BBC reports have been offering an unbalanced course critical of Israel for years, BBC news is the most reliable national and international sources for current affairs and backgrounds in politics, business and culture. For generations, the British have been proud of "the BEEB", as it is called in everyday language.

It remains to be seen whether the escalation of the attack on the institution will have the echo among the population that Johnson is hoping for. Admittedly, the lure of paying nothing or paying less could initially sabotage many public services. The hangover would come later.

But perhaps the British are showing more foresight in the case of their BEEB than in the case of Brexit. Conservatives in particular are generally reluctant to endure too much dismantling at once.

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