Why are you lying to your children

Translation of "your children" in English

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your children your kids thy children
Your children will see their father again.
Your children are housed in a sheltered place regardless of the weather.
Your children are called Joey and Linda.
Your children and the whole neighborhood.
Your kids and anybody else in the neighborhood.
Your children will strike again and I have to protect myself.
Your kids will strike again, and I need to protect myself.
Your children have no respect for you.
Your children need you, Chris.
Your children are you lying to?
Your children and my dead father are proof of that.
Your kids and my dead father are proof of that.
Your children have already lost a parent.
Your children have to do without sponsors.
Your children live in this country.
Your children and I came back.
Your children cannot have the chance to develop their skills.
Your children can't have the chance to develop whatever talents they have.
Your children want to be born, dear, calm down.
Your children will also have theirs.
Your children... will remember this day.
Your children never see you, not even during your long vacation.
You're never with your children, not even on the long holidays you take.
Here you will find trendy and practical clothes, accessories and toys for Your children.
Here, you will find trendy and practical clothes, accessories, and toys for your children.
Your children don't even trust you anymore
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