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Amazon's "The Lord of the Rings": Actor leaves the series - although his episodes have already been shot!

The "Lord of the Rings" series is the big upcoming prestige project from Amazon Prime Video. When the series was announced, “Game Of Thrones” was ubiquitous and Tolkien's Middle-earth tale still seems to be almost the only way to adequately satisfy our desire for another epic story in series format.

Even if there were some delays due to Corona, the production of "Lord of the Rings" is nearing its home straight. But although the episodes with him have already been filmed, Amazon has now separated from actor Tom Budge.

Unfortunately, it was not disclosed what role the relatively unknown Australian would play. But viaInstagram the person concerned announced that Amazon no longer wanted him. There seem to have been creative differences because of different visions for his character - whether he refused to follow Amazon's vision and voluntarily quit, or whether Amazon was simply not satisfied with his work and kicked him out, remains open for the time being. It is also possible that Amazon considered the figure superfluous and decided to delete it entirely.

Tom Budge on his "Lord of the Rings" -aus

The actor announced on his social media channel: “Hello everyone. It is with great sadness that I write to you to tell you that I have left Amazon's The Lord of the Rings series. After recently viewing the first episodes that were shot last year, Amazon decided to take a different direction with the character I played. "

A few thanks follow and in addition to his statement, the post also includes a video from Johnny Cash in which he performs his famous song "Ring Of Fire".

Budge's words sound conciliatory, but that's probably due to his professionalism. It has to be tough stuff for an actor to just have to leave a huge project like "The Lord of the Rings", which has countless fans on the planet, especially since he had certainly already invested a lot of work in the role.

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We will find out whether Amazon wants to streamline the series and has therefore simply deleted Budge's supporting role or whether there is a change in cast, as soon as a possible successor for Budges part is announced. Then the scenes with the character would have to be shot again - but re-shoots are nothing unusual.

After filming the “Lord of the Rings” series began in early 2020, there was a longer break last summer, and in September 2020 filming in New Zealand was resumed. The main part of the shooting for season 1 should now be finished, now it's the turn of improvements and post-production.

Amazon's “The Lord of the Rings” should appear in 2021. We're guessing a very late release, around Christmas time.

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