Why is Joker more popular than Batman

Robert Pattinson's Batman as Joker: DC doesn't get any more disturbing

The production of The Batman is currently at a standstill due to the corona virus. Successful content for the upcoming DC blockbuster has therefore mainly appeared in the form of various fan pictures lately. For example, Colin Farrell was recently seen in a cool penguin look and Johnny Depp as a sinister Joker design.

According to Comic Book Movie, the Instagram user who most recently created Farrell's penguin design has now also grabbed new Batman actor Robert Pattinson and put him in one scary villain transformed with Joker moves.

Batman star Robert Pattinson makes a disturbing DC villain

Instagram user spdrmnkyxxiii used the comic book The Batman Who Laughs as a model for his design of Robert Pattinson as the disturbing villain. It's about an alternate version of the superhero who was created by the poisonous gas from joker mutated into a psychopathic supervillain.

You can see how Robert Pattinson's Batman would look like in this version on the Fan picture look at:

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Even if, as in the previously published recordings of Pattinson as Batman, only the lower half of his face can be seen, the fan draft also gives one impressive as well as frighteningpicture from the actor as the villain. Just the crazy features of the Joker are frighteningly reflected in the appearance of this nightmarishly distorted vision of the Dark Knight.

Who knows if the studio or director Matt Reeves might not become one if the upcoming DC film is successful continuation get carried away that brings The Batman Who Laughs to the big screen.

At the moment, nobody knows when production of The Batman can be resumed. If nothing changes at the planned start, the DC film will start on June 24, 2021 in German cinemas.

How do you like Robert Pattinson's Batman as a psychopathic villain?