What are the output devices 1

Output devices


While it's hard to believe, the printer is the computer's first output device, before the monitor. Because with the first computers there was no user interface such as "Windows". Instead, you typed in your data and after a while you received the results printed out on paper.

The first printer models looked more like a typewriter than a printer today. At that time it was still so-called Type wheel printer. As with the typewriter, each letter had its own type lever that was thundered onto the paper. You could get a copy of the printout immediately with tracing paper, but the printers were also slow and very loud.

Therefore, they soon sat down Needle printer in the computer world. They were also quite loud, but they were able to get everything down on paper in a reasonable amount of time. However, the print quality of dot matrix printers is not particularly good, as they could neither print particularly black nor particularly fine.

The most common printing processes today are the Ink jet printing and laser printing. As the name suggests, inkjet printers use ink to create the image. An ink cartridge with several hundred nozzles is moved line by line over the paper by a motor and the finest ink droplets are shot onto the paper.

Laser printer create the image much like a copier. A roller is electrically charged by a laser where the ink is supposed to adhere. Then the paper is passed over the roller. Due to very high pressure, high temperature and special chemicals, the color then sticks to the paper.