Can drones fly by themselves

The most common drone misunderstandings

With a small toy drone, I don't have to pay special attention to anything special when flying.

Not correct. The principle that neither people nor objects may be endangered also applies to palm-sized drones. If the aircraft are clearly marked as toys on the packaging, they are not subject to authorization. In any case, all drones must remain on the ground near crowds of people.

Apart from the aviation law, I do not have to comply with any legal regulations.

Not correct. Personal rights or rights of neighbors can also be violated in the event of improper use. Data protection also plays a role in drone flights. In order to avoid any questions of liability or claims for damages, it usually helps to use common sense.

I don't need online registration for private recordings.

Not correct. All drones over 250 grams require registration. Likewise, drones weighing less than 250 grams if a camera is installed and there is no toy label. Drone liability insurance is also mandatory.

I can publish film and photo recordings without hesitation.

Not correct. As with photography and filming on the ground, certain rules must also be observed when taking aerial photos. As soon as people are identifiable, you have to get their express permission. Spying on other people's properties and any interference with the privacy of third parties is also prohibited.

A "small" drone cannot cause any damage to helicopters or airplanes anyway.

Not correct. Even birds can break through the cockpit window of a helicopter or damage the engine of an airplane. Even 'small' drones can cause major damage and, in the worst case, lead to the crash of other aircraft.

If my drone is registered, anyone can fly with it.

Not correct. Only operators who have the necessary proof of knowledge are allowed to control a drone. The minimum age for this is 16 years.

If I fly illegally, I don't have to fear any penalty anyway.

Not correct. As a drone pilot you are a participant in air traffic and have to adhere to the aviation law. Violations can result in fines of up to 22,000 euros.

As long as I don't see an airplane in the sky, I can fly as high as I want.

Not correct. Provided that there is always direct visual contact with the drone, I can fly drones in the "Open" category up to a maximum of 120 meters above the ground. However, this is often difficult to assess, especially in the mountains, and great caution is therefore advised. As soon as a manned aircraft approaches, land the drone immediately.

With a registered drone, I can also fly on vacation / abroad without any problems.

Not correct. If the drone pilot is registered as an operator in Austria, you can fly with it in the European Union under the respective conditions. Outside the EU, the country-specific regulations must be observed before the flight,

I am allowed to fetch a strange drone from the sky over my garden myself.

Not correct. Whether with a shotgun, garden hose or projectile - vigilante justice in the form of damage to property in the event of a drone sighting, also to protect one's own privacy, is forbidden in any case. If you discover the pilot, it usually helps to seek a dialogue, as a last resort against intruders who are resistant to advice, the only thing that helps is a property violation lawsuit.