How badly broken eardrums bleed

The eardrum

Injuries to the eardrum

How can the eardrum be injured? For example, by applying force to the ear and injuring the eardrum. Sudden pressure fluctuations (e.g. in an airplane, while diving or in an explosion) can damage the eardrum. Injury to the eardrum as a result of an otitis media is also possible. If the ear field is “broken”, whatever the cause, germs or foreign bodies can again penetrate the middle ear and trigger an otitis media there. Because one of the eardrum's tasks is to protect the middle and inner ear from bacteria.

But how exactly do you feel that the eardrum is injured? Symptoms are:

  • Caused by the injured eardrum: pain in the ear
  • Discharge from the ear
  • sudden loss of hearing
  • easy bleeding from the ear canal
  • sometimes fever, dizziness, and nausea

Special case: water behind the eardrum

In some cases there can also be water behind the eardrum, the so-called tympanic effusion. This fluid behind the eardrum is usually the side effect of a cold and is more likely to be found in small children, as the ventilation function in their ears is not yet fully developed.

Ruptured eardrum: symptoms & healing

Injuries to the eardrum - so-called eardrum perforations - can have different manifestations. If the eardrum has burst, this is quickly noticeable.

Has the eardrum burst? Symptoms

Possible symptoms of a ruptured eardrum are similar to those of an injured eardrum (see above), with the difference that the pain is described by patients as particularly sharp.

Your own diagnosis becomes difficult if the child's eardrum has burst. Children are not yet able to locate and describe pain well. Therefore, if you suspect that the eardrum has ruptured due to signs as described above, have an ear, nose and throat specialist clarified as soon as possible.

What if the eardrum bursts?

How can the eardrum burst in the first place? For example, if you brush your ears too intensely with a cotton swab or if the pressure changes while diving or on a plane. The eardrum is particularly sensitive in otitis media. The strong pressure during take-off and landing is always the cause of ruptured eardrum in children. A ruptured ear drum associated with otitis media can also occur in adults.

Ruptured eardrum: how long does it take to heal?

A minor injury usually heals on its own within a few days. The healing of an otitis media is often quicker if the eardrum has ruptured. If the ENT doctor suspects possible complications, they will often prescribe an antibiotic. As a supportive measure, the ear should be kept clean and dry by e.g. B. close with cotton wool when showering.

In short: do you recognize symptoms of a ruptured eardrum? Do not hesitate, go to the specialist.

Torn eardrum: symptoms & treatment

In the case of an eardrum injury, a tear, a so-called rupture, can occur in the eardrum. Potential triggers here too are the effects of violence and a sharp drop in pressure. If the eardrum is torn, an otitis media is also a possible cause. A torn eardrum often manifests itself as sharp pain, hearing loss, discharge and sometimes light bleeding in the ear. When you look into the ear canal, the ear, nose and throat doctor can tell whether the eardrum has torn and treats the symptoms.

Special treatment is not always necessary. Small tears in the eardrum usually close by themselves. An antibiotic may help prevent a bacterial infection. Patients should also keep the ear clean and dry. Larger tears in the eardrum need another treatment, surgery may be an option. Are you unsure whether you are correctly interpreting the symptoms of a tear in the eardrum? Ask your ear, nose and throat specialist. He will examine you in detail and advise you on the right therapy to protect your hearing.

Hole in the eardrum: symptoms & surgery

A perforation of the eardrum can also manifest itself as a hole in the eardrum. The causes are basically the same as a ruptured eardrum, although the triggers may be more intense. Do you suspect that there is a hole in your eardrum? The hole-in-the-eardrum symptoms are similar to those of a ruptured eardrum: hearing loss, pain, impaired hearing are some of the signs. If the hole in the eardrum is caused by a blow to the ear or a severe injury, the ossicles may be torn from their anchorages. Then surgery is the method of choice for a hole in the eardrum. Why is it important to see an ear, nose and throat specialist quickly? If the disease remains untreated, germs and foreign bodies have free rein. So z. B. if there is a hole in the eardrum, let water in the ear, which cause further complications.

Hole in the eardrum: is it possible to fly?

When flying, there is a drop in pressure, which puts strain on the ear and eardrum. If you are planning a trip, ask your ear, nose and throat specialist. This is especially true if an eardrum operation has been performed.

Hole in the eardrum in children

In children, a hole in the eardrum is usually caused by a middle ear infection. Decongestant nasal drops and / or antibiotics can help. Also the ear should be kept dry. Usually, however, the hole closes on its own.

Hole in the eardrum: sport yes or no?

Whether and when and how much you can do sports depends on the condition of your eardrum and the type of sport. Your ENT doctor will be happy to provide you with information.

Hole in the eardrum: healing time

The self-healing powers of the eardrum are great, so small holes often close without further action. The hole in the eardrum was closed by an operation? How long have you been on sick leave? There is no general answer to the question. But it usually takes four weeks for the eardrum to heal completely.

Eardrum surgery

If the eardrum is perforated, an operation is necessary on the eardrum, e.g. B. a so-called eardrum closure. The eardrum can be splinted in a similar way to a broken bone. Another form of surgery is the reconstruction of the ossicles with the body's own tissue, which can also be combined with a splint (tympanoplasty or myringoplasty). Is surgery planned for a hole in the eardrum? The ENT doctor will answer your questions and explain the process and opportunities to you.

Is your appointment for the eardrum operation actually coming up? What interests you: How long is your stay in the hospital? It differs from case to case. How long you are sick depends on the type of eardrum operation. Does a larger hole in the eardrum require surgery? Be patient. After such an eardrum surgery, healing can take a few weeks.

Another form of surgery can be used for otitis media. This is because pus and secretions form in the ear, which cause increased pressure. If this fluid cannot drain away sufficiently on its own, there is the possibility of getting through the eardrum. This artificial hole can improve ventilation in the ear and accelerate healing in the eardrum. After a few months, the eardrum closes by itself.

Like any other surgical procedure, an eardrum operation involves risks. A clarifying discussion with your treating doctor will inform you about everything you need to know about the eardrum operation. But overall, the prognoses are extremely favorable.