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  • "Either the Chancellery or the Opposition" : What is behind Markus Söder's dramatic statement

    The CSU chairman in plain language mode: As a junior partner, the Union will not join a coalition after the election. What is he doing with it? An analysis. From Albert Funkmore

  • Can the Middle East conflict be resolved? : "We always harm each other"

    The guns are silent. But the Middle East conflict is not over. Here an Israeli and a Palestinian explain how hatred can be overcome. By Christian Böhmemehr

  • After advances in the USA, discussion also in this country : How much longer do we have to wear the mask?

    The incidences decrease, the vaccination rate increases. The first politicians are now calling for an end to the mask requirement, but experts warn of a yo-yo effect. From Richard Friebe, Amory Burchard, Patrick Eickemeier, Georg Ismar more

  • Debate about corona measures : Former Federal President Gauck calls for more tolerance for "lateral thinkers" and opponents of vaccinations

    Former Federal President Joachim Gauck worries about the culture of debate in Germany. You shouldn't exclude everyone who is dissatisfied with the corona policy. By Stephan-Andreas Casdorff, Paul Starzmannmore

  • International humanitarian law in the Gaza war : Who's the war criminal here?

    Israel and Hamas accuse each other of illegally shelling residential areas and civilians. What is allowed in war - and what is forbidden? From Christoph von Marschallmehr

  • Armistice in Gaza : Egypt's head of state Sisi is back as a mediator

    Egypt's controversial head of state Sisi contributed greatly to the ceasefire in Gaza. US President Biden rewards him with a phone call. By Thomas Seibertmehr

  • Laschet's surprising electoral waiver : "It's hard to become chancellor if you get a gossip at home"

    Every CDU candidate for chancellor, with the exception of one special case, applied for an electoral district. Armin Laschet doesn't want that in Aachen. For fear of bankruptcy? By Albert Funk, Georg Ismarmehr

  • Historic low in the political barometer for Union : Green Chancellor candidate Baerbock is clearly losing reputation

    The soaring of the Green Chancellor candidate Baerbock in surveys is over for the time being. In the current political barometer, your party is just ahead of the CDU / CSU. By Sven Lemkemeyermore

  • Naturalization ceremony at the Federal President : Integration course in Arabic

    For the first time there was a naturalization ceremony with the Federal President for six new Germans. Three told the Tagesspiegel their German story. By Andrea Dernbachmehr

  • Dispute over digital vaccination certificate : "We are family doctors and not the passport office"

    Health Minister Spahn wants to involve practices in order to issue the certificate retrospectively to those who have been completely vaccinated. But family doctors oppose the plans. By Sven Lemkemeyermore

  • Twelve hours after the ceasefire began : Injured in new clashes on Temple Mount

    According to Palestinian rescue workers, 15 people were treated. The police had used rubber bullets, among other things. More