Does clearing your search history actually work?

Delete Google history: this is how it works on the PC and mobile phone

Dennis Steimels

Google records all searches, internet activity, and even voice input - clear your history to protect your privacy.

EnlargeDelete Google history on your PC and smartphone
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Google stores all search queries, websites visited and each of your activities on Google services. Google documents the device used, the browser used and all other details about the Google platforms such as Maps, Youtube and Play Store and precisely records the date and time. The Google activity history even shows the apps you used on your Android phone or what you said about the Google Assistant. Terrifying what Google knows, isn't it? But that can be changed quickly!

Delete Google history on the PC

On the Google website "My Activities" you can view your search queries, browser history, videos viewed on YouTube and other online activities in detail - all you have to do is log in to your Google account. You can also filter the results by time or by Google product.

You can switch between a grouped and a single view in the menu bar on the left. All search queries, activities and websites visited are displayed in chronological order for each day. Click next to an entry More , you can view more details or delete it. You can also remove whole days from the history. Please note that the entry then partially disappears without asking whether you really want to delete it.

About the rider Delete activities after you can delete your activities for certain periods of time. You can choose from Last hour , Last day , All time and Custom time period .

Nice side effect: A deleted search query is deleted directly from the browser history of all end devices such as PCs, notebooks, smartphones and tablets on which your Google account is set up. The update takes a moment.

Clear Google history on Android smartphones

As mentioned above, if you delete the entries in your desktop browser, Google History will also be removed on Android. It works the other way around. On your Android phone, tap the Google search bar, which is on the home screen of most devices. Now Google shows the last searches. If you long press one of these entries, you can delete it from the search history - from the history of all devices with your Google account.

Stop Google activity

EnlargeIn the Google activity settings you can determine which data Google saves.

In the Google activity settings, you can determine yourself which data is sent from your devices to Google. To better protect your privacy, you can stop the recording of web and app activities including Chrome history and prevent voice and audio input from being saved by Google. Note: Even if search queries are no longer documented, Google saves them for a short time. To surf really anonymously, activate the incognito mode in the browser.

Click under a point Manage activity , see what Google has already saved. You can also delete these entries from the Google history.