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RSA encryption: Explanation of the state of the art in encryption

Modern encryption software is often based on RSA encryption technology. This is from the today's digital communication already indispensable. Various standards that apply to the secure communication and storage of data use RSA encryption.

But many people elude the understanding of cryptography and many Logs how the RSA encryption are not simply explained. Behind it hide complex mathematical formulas and theoretical assumptions relating to the electronic transmission of data. Since this has been at universities for years research it is not surprising that the asymmetric encryption RSA is not immediately accessible.

For the curious, there is RSA encryption online to try out.

Nevertheless, we would like to give you this guide a brief glimpse enter into the RSA encryption. The security that the process offers can also be without studying mathematics and cryptography understand and also the use of RSA encryption in a program does not requirethat every single function of the Encryption known is.

What can the RSA encryption method do?

The RSA method is used to process digital data via a certain algorithm to convert and thus make it unrecognizable. This turns usable information into one cryptic text, which is then also from the corresponding programs no longer as a compatible file is recognized. An image file can be distorted in such a way that no image editing program accept and process it.

Aside from the fact that with it the RSA decryption is calculated using the same procedure, RSA encryption can also be used to digital signatures to create. In order to be able to decrypt an RSA-encrypted message and to sign a file, the so-called RSA key necessary. But how can the system compute a message or other file with RSA encryption from the original and the authenticity confirm exactly this file?

Encryption with a public key method

The RSA encryption is a so-called asymmetric encryption. This means that the same key is not used for encryption and decryption. Instead, there is one for each user Key pair. This also consists of the RSA encryption private and public key. The private key must be used for secure RSA encryption kept as a secret become.

If a message is to be sent with RSA encryption, the first is the for the sender recipient's public key important. With this it is possible to encrypt a text without being able to decrypt it again with the same procedure. Attempting to decrypt it will result in a Variety of solutionswhich cannot be checked in any realistic time.

Will the private key (private key), both the encryption and the signature are no longer secure.

To do the decryption with a clear result to finish, additional information is required, which the private key contains. So it is essentially a known math problem - a so-called trapdoor function. This can only be done with one gigantic effort can be calculated without the secret additional information.

This is what makes RSA encryption one suitable methodTo transfer data securely on the Internet. Because with secure keys it is only with one immense expenditure of time and energy possible to crack RSA encryption.

With the correct key the RSA decryption is too possible online.

Some flavors of encryption software that use RSA encryption offer a way, too the last doubt about the integrity of the keys to clear out. The so-called Web of Trust verifies the people behind the public keys, as this is one of the last uncertainties. This is to prevent the person who publishes their public keyas another person issues.

How do signatures work with RSA?

But not only the encryption is with the asymmetric encryption possible. There is also the option of creating a signature that can be used to prove whether the File changed has been. For this purpose, the RSA method is used with the private key carried out. A check with the public key shows whether the File and signature still match.

So the recipient can be sure that the expected sender is the originator of exactly this content. However, that only works as long as the RSA encryption private key remains secret. A compromised key could have been copied and so it would be also possible for third partiesto forge a message with a valid signature.

The secrecy of the private key is the most important responsibility of the encrypting persons and not only with RSA encryption.

Together are the signature and the RSA encryption a sufficient methodin order to be able to guarantee comprehensible security in digital communication. They enable users to Security about the origin and authenticity a strongly encrypted message.

What is RSA used for?

Encryption software such as PGP or GPG use RSA encryption. The RSA encryption on almost every computer to be installed. Depending on how the RSA encryption is integrated, it can then be used for e-mail encryption, for example. Messenger encryption is also partly via the RSA algorithm secured.

But with RSA encryption, a Full disk encryption be made. It's not just like that the insight prevented, the signature ensures that the file between encrypted storage and retrieval has not been tampered with. This level of security can be achieved with hardly any other encryption method can be achieved.

For those interested, there is an RSA encryption / decryption as a simulation online for testing.

The technical limitations that come with of digital data processing go hand in hand, make the RSA encryption a good choicewhen it comes to establishing data security. The procedure is not secretbut can simply prove to have found a sufficiently complicated math problem, leaving a calculator can not help but, its computing power for a cryptanalysis (cracking an encryption) with an uncertain outcome to waste.

Pages whose Address with https: // are usually secured with an RSA encryption that comes with the program called PGP / SMIME is implemented. So RSA is a Daily companion on the Internet and without realizing it, communication becomes encrypted, signed and sentin order to then decrypt it again with RSA. There are many programs available online that demonstrate RSA encryption.

Conclusion on RSA encryption

  • RSA encryption is asymmetric encryption.
  • With RSA, encryption and signature are possible, which preserves the integrity and authenticity of the connection.
  • A lot of time and computing power are required to crack RSA encryption. If it is then unclear whether the message contains valuable information, the usefulness of the monitoring diminishes.
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RSA encryption: Explanation of the state of the art in encryption
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