Who is the hottest model on Instagram

#sooohot: The 10 hottest male models on Instagram

Jeff Kasser grew up in Tennessee and is very closely related. Family is more than anything to the model. He describes himself as a southern boy with a good dose of humor. In the beginning, Jeff modeled for smaller brands, starred in one or two music videos. Nowadays he works for the really big ones, like Oscar de la Renta!

Jon Kortajarena is THE Spanish male model! He became known through campaigns for Giorgio Armani, Mango and Tom Ford. Jon was discovered by chance at a fashion week in 2004, but then things went very quickly and he was signed to Roberto Cavalli for advertising campaigns that same year. To this day he is one of the most influential male models worldwide.

As we know, Portugal was already created Cristiano Ronaldo and also Gonçalo Teixeira - man man man, how about moving? Gonçalo Teixeira works for labels like Guess and Emporio Armani, you can see him in Magazines like Men's Health and GQ and he won the Portuguese Golden Globe for Best Male Model in 2011 and 2012!

Nick Bateman real name is Nicholas Kevin Stanley "Nick" Yunge-Bateman and is a Canadian model and actor. The model is not only distinguished for his beauty, he is also a real celebrity for his uIncredible number of social media followers! He has over 9 million fans on Instagram and Facebook! We think: completely right!

Rob Evans is more like that Gangster among the male top models! Rob has the most impressive figure in our ranking, which is probably also due to the fact that, in addition to his modeling career, he is also a personal trainer. His career began in 2010 when he first ran for Givenchy. The model, with British and Irish ancestors, should be ours too Personal trainer his - yikes, suddenly sport is fun ?!

André Hamann has everything that women love: muscles, three-day beard and tattoos! If you didn't already know it, you will have it since this year at the latest GNTM relay in mind, because the successful model was also briefly seen. The model, who has its own label "Haze & Glory", was discovered in Vienna. There he was a trainee at H&M. Well, it can go that fast - from the fashion company to the posters!

Broderick Hunter is an American model who also played basketball with enormous success and, after high school, was stuck between countless college scholarships and modeling. These days, the muscular Broderick can be seen in magazines like French Vogue and Italian GQ. At Buzzfeed voted him among the top male models and Harper's Bazaar even among the top 16 modelsto follow on social media.

Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss and Tom Ford are some of the great designer names for that Matthew Noszka is posted. The model with Polish-Irish-German descent is practically the Justin Bieber of the modeling industry, as he has a slightly boyish and yet sexy appearance. He was discovered on Instagram topless pictures when building a house - yeah, Matthew Noszka can do something like that too! Wow, the American dream really!

Isha Blaaker is a South American model who casts a spell over you with her exotic look. Growing up in Holland, he was discovered during an internship and shortly thereafter signed to Max Models. His nickname is "The Charming Boxer“Because one of his passions is kickboxing. Isha Blaaker is fester component at Fashion Weeks and his Insta account an integral part of our news feed!

OnRogér Dupé we became aware of the current Rolls-Royce spot and somehow it already looked familiar to us, no wonder! Because Rogér has been at our home several times, because he is an integral part of the last one H&M campaign and already hung in Times Square rum. But we've also seen him in GQ and for Dsquared2 campaigns. The model lives in Sweden but has its roots in Ghana and Togo. Well, who of you is looking for the last H&M catalog now?

Instagram has grown to 500 million people worldwide - more than 300 million people use Instagram every day and in just 5.5 years, a pure photo platform has become a lively, worldwide community for visual inspiration. I made new friends through Instagram and met a lot of people all over the world, ”says Instagramer Nico. And that's true, so pick up your cell phone and start with it add these hot boys!