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Google Docs & Co .: Tips on free alternatives for Office

You don't have to install numerous, often expensive, programs to share documents, send e-mails, or save your files. Free online services, browser extensions and web apps will be happy to do this job for you. We present the best to you in this tips special. Ideal for everyone who wants full productivity for free - including collaboration with colleagues and partners.

Tip 1: Office Online & Google Docs - two essential tool collections

The two most prominent free office solutions from the web are offered by Microsoft and Google. With Office Online and Google Docs, two tool collections for texts, tables and presentations are available in German free of charge.

Advantage Microsoft: At first glance, the Office Collection from the Internet hardly differs from the commercial Office package for PC installation. All important functions for editing and editing texts, presentation slides and tables are on board. In addition, Office Online is gradually being expanded to include clever tools and services such as Sway or Office Docs recently.

Advantage Google: The applications are perfectly geared towards teamwork and replace expensive licensed software even in small and medium-sized companies. However, the Google Apps do not always follow the operating logic known from Microsoft applications and lack one or the other professional function, especially in the Excel counterpart.

You can access Office Online using your Microsoft password. A Google email address is sufficient to sign in to Google Docs.

Tip 2: Office including a free Internet hard drive for your documents

Another reason that speaks for the use of Office Online and Google Docs: The web apps are seamlessly connected to the respective cloud storage, OneDrive or Google Drive. Both storage services are also free and as easy to use as file management using Windows Explorer. On the other hand, the storage volume is different: Microsoft gives you 5 GB as standard on the OneDrive, while Google offers 15 GB, three times the volume on Google Drive.

If you store your documents created online on the web space instead of on the local hard drive, you will enjoy several advantages: All important data is always at hand. All you need is an internet connection to edit your Word files, view pictures or share PowerPoint presentations with others. Device and operating system are irrelevant. With iPad, Android Phone, Windows PC or Mac you always have your digital filing with you.

Free office for pupils, students and teachers

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