Why do daughters love father more

Father-daughter relationship: a very special bond

The father-daughter relationship is something very special. Every child-to-parent relationship is wonderful, it's not like that. But the relationship between dad and daughter has a special influence on the development of the daughter.

How important is the father-daughter relationship? Very important!

Children love their parents, that's how evolution plans it. And it also follows that daddies are the first men in the girls' world. The experiences of the father-daughter relationship are elementary and shape the daughters for their lives.

Papas shouldn't put any pressure on you now, because you all love your daughters and so everything is fine. You may have already noticed that your little princesses adore you, wrap you around your finger and you just can't refuse their wishes. We'd say: That sounds like a completely normal father-daughter relationship.

The father-daughter relationship has an impact on the later partnership

We have already hinted at it: Papas shape the image of men. It is not only relevant to deal with little daughters, but also the relationship between father and mother. This influences the daughter's later behavior and search patterns.

It is not for nothing that it is often said that we daughters look for men who are similar to our fathers. This is not a stupid saying, but corresponds to a certain extent to the truth. Girls or women look for men who treat them in a similar way to what their father did.

In plain language: daughters who were encouraged by their fathers and were able to develop freely look for a corresponding later relationship. Unfortunately, this also works in the other direction, of course, but more on that later ...

Father-daughter love strengthens character

Several studies have already shown that daughters who had or have a good relationship with their father are more successful. They know how to assert themselves in the male world and can assert themselves. You have learned that there are no classic images of men or women.

So what does this teach us? You dads can actively influence the role model of your daughters by not engaging in “male activities” without your girls, but with your sons. The girls can and maybe want to go fishing with them to the football stadium ...

"Puberty is when parents get difficult." It is perfectly normal, if unnecessary, for the father-daughter relationship to seem to gain a little distance. Dads are often unsure how to face the expectant woman. The first friend the daughter brings home usually doesn't make it any better. But you can relax because the children know their safe haven. Strengthen your daughter by being there for her.

Consequences of a problematic relationship between daughter and father

We have already indicated: The father-daughter relationship can also have a negative effect on the development of the girl and this can drag on into adulthood. Daughters who have experienced violence, for example, were unable to develop a healthy self-image and also quarrel with the male role.

Even more: They often only know the role of victim, maybe even save it as normal. They also work accordingly in adulthood. It is therefore not surprising that these women are more likely to experience violence again later.

But we don't want to close this wonderful topic with that ... So a shout out to all dads: you have what it takes and are just as important as mom!

Dad child

Dad was our childhood hero. He made nonsense with us and almost never scolded us, and when he did, it was serious. Admittedly, he was rarely at home, but that made the time he spent with us all the more wonderful. We admired our dad and still attach great importance to his opinion and thoughts.

And I can confirm that daughters often look for men who resemble their fathers. Sometimes my mother tells things about my father, so I think that could have happened here too.

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