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WhatsApp is still the most popular messaging and telephone app for smartphones - and not just in Germany, but internationally. Usually, however, the app needs to be linked to your phone's SIM card number in order to use it. Fortunately, there is a way to use WhatsApp without a SIM card.

Note: You will need a landline number for the following instructions.

How to use WhatsApp without a SIM card

Follow our step-by-step instructions or take a look at the quick start guide.

quick start Guide

  1. Make a WiFi connection with your smartphone, download WhatsApp and open the app. You will be asked to enter your phone number. Now enter your Landline number and leave the 0the area code path.
  2. After the Verification code could not be sent to the number after about 5 minutes, tap on WhatsApp on "Call me".
  3. You will then receive one Call from WhatsApp to yours Landline number. On WhatsApp, enter the code one that is repeated several times on the phone.
  4. After Verification and the WhatsApp setup you can chat with your friends.