Dead cells have sequenceable DNA

Plant physiology

I advise anyone who wants to learn plant physiology on the basis of experimental results to read this book. It not only represents knowledge, but also shows the experiments with which knowledge was generated.

Prof. Dr. Christian Wilhelm, University of Leipzig

The book is related to plant physiology as a quantitative science; For him, information and knowledge are not an end in themselves but the basis for understanding. Prof. Dr. Ulrich Lüttge, TU Darmstadt

Nice, compact textbook on plant physiology, which explains the basics of metabolism and development in plants without going into too much detail. Linda Jahn, TU Dresden

Voices on the previous edition:

With the 6th edition of the textbook "Plant Physiology", the authors succeeded in an impressive way in combining classical physiology with modern molecular approaches. Prof. Dr. Ralf Oelmüller, University of Jena

Actually well-founded convincing plea against the "molecular collapse of the QUANTITATIVE plant physiology". Prof. em. Dr. Ulrich Lüttge, Technical University of Darmstadt

The most up-to-date and comprehensive textbook in the field of plant physiology. Excellent price / performance ratio. Prof. Dr. Alfred Batschauer, University of Marburg

This comprehensive textbook describes both the classical and the highly topical plant physiology in an easily understandable way and is highly recommended for students of biology. Prof. Dr. Peter Kroth, University of Konstanz