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Distance learning courses and extra-occupational training in the field Engineering often offer you the opportunity to choose a technical focus. The most common areas of focus are electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering and industrial engineering, but other areas such as environment and sales are on the upswing. In order to prepare you for your professional career in technology, you will deal with the basics of mathematics, business administration, sciences such as physics and chemistry and often with computer science, regardless of your chosen subject. Depending on the focus, there are also special subjects such as construction theory, machine elements, materials technology, manufacturing technology or mechanics. In addition to technical activities, your distance learning course also prepares you for tasks in purchasing, controlling, marketing and sales in order to open as many doors as possible for your career.

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Important facts for distance learning and in-service training in engineering

In the category engineering are current 116 distance learning courses and 63 distance learning courses out of a total of 15 distance learning universities and 8 distance schools listed and can with a Bachelor, university certificate, master (consecutive), master (further education), MBA, school leaving certificate, participation, preparation for IHK qualification or certificate be completed. Must by a distance learning student approx. 4 to 40 hours per week be scheduled for distance learning.

requirements Varies depending on the provider
Duration 1 month (participation) - 54 months (Bachelor)
Weekly effort 4 hours (certificate) - 40 hours (Bachelor)


Bachelor, university certificate, master (consecutive), master (further education), MBA, school leaving certificate, participation, preparation for IHK qualification or certificate
costs 58 € (participation) - 19,500 € (master's (advanced training))

What are the engineering costs?

For a distance learning engineering course there are costs of € 58 (participation) to € 19,500 (master's degree (advanced training)) at.

How long can you expect to study?

The duration of distance learning varies between 1 and 54 months.

Helpful reviews and experiences for the Engineering category

Overall, the "Engineering" distance learning course was average 4.4 out of 5 Stars of 479 participants rated. The business informatics course offered by Fernschule Weber stands out with a rating of 5 Stars of 18 Participants out. The Fernschule Fernschule Weber received the best rating among the non-academic providers with a rating of 5 Stars. The distance learning institute for interior design has most of the ratings in the non-academic sector with overall 81 Reviews from.

Interesting experiences from participants

  • Kevin, 26 years old, rated the distance learning course: "Bachelor of Business Informatics" from the provider WINGS - Distance learning at the University of Wismar on December 19, 2017. Total Reviews: 16
    Support & organization

    I have been a distance learning student at Wings since the 2015 winter semester. The Wings advertises with different locations. Originally I wanted to register for the Hanover location. But then you had to choose a different location, the one where the majority had registered. Then Hamburg was chosen. With two to three attendance weekends, however, the effort is limited. The materials are sent to you every semester, previously always on time. These contain a study letter for each module and, if necessary, corresponding specialist books. The quality of the scripts varies greatly and depends on the person responsible for the module. Sometimes there are very well-written scripts, but sometimes there are also some that are not good. Be it because there are outdated or incorrect scripts, or because complex content was written down in bullet points. This makes it difficult, especially for those who are changing careers, to deal with the complex content. Additional literature may also be necessary. In general, one has the feeling that distance learning is well designed for working people. So far, the contact with the study office has been very nice, helpful and goal-oriented. For example, it is no problem to receive an individual module list. So it was possible for me to also take a few exams in Hanover. All in all, I am quite satisfied with the way the distance learning course was organized by the Wings.

  • Tünde, 54 years old, rated the online course: "Online course for interior design" from the provider Institut für Innenarchitektur on February 10th, 2020. Total Reviews: 81
    Support & organization

    The course is divided into twelve modules and is geared towards six months of study. This can be extended by a further six months for an additional charge. The modules are very well structured and clear and concentrate on the essentials. The subject matter is also very up-to-date and, due to the affiliation to the Australian parent institute, very inspiring and cosmopolitan. The topics are explained very well and you get a lot of sources and tips for further literature, so you can go deeper into the topic if necessary. The tasks at the end of a module are formulated in an understandable way, if you are unsure or have questions you can contact the tutor at any time, communication here is quick and uncomplicated. I find the requirements quite demanding, but appropriate and easy to perform. The price / performance ratio is also right and you have the opportunity to continue your education later, because the other courses on offer contain many interesting topics and you can gradually learn more and more, but you can already work in interior design. There is an international and German Facebook group and it is advisable to register for both, because the exchange with fellow students is very inspiring and helpful. Compared to other providers on the market, I find the Institute for Interior Design to be more modern and up-to-date in its material.

  • Leo, 26 years old, rated the distance learning course: "Bachelor (B.Sc.) Business Informatics" from the provider IU Fernstudium on May 12th, 2016. Total Reviews: 17
    Support & organization

    I decided to do distance learning 2 years ago. Full-time work and part-time studies (approx. 10-15 hours / week). I switched from Fernuni Hagen to IUBH a year ago. After my decision to change, the EuroFH and the IUBH were shortlisted. I decided on the IUBH because I was advised personally and quickly in advance by phone and email. This impression was also confirmed in the first year in the various courses. The concept of online videos, scripts (printed, digital), online tutorials (live, recorded), forums and the number of exam locations is great. Compared to the Fernuni Hagen, this course of study is much easier to master thanks to the much better support and much better online offers. The costs of (approx. 12,000 EUR) compared to the Fernuni Hagen (approx. 2500 EUR) are justified in my opinion. I can recommend the IUBH.

  • Laura, 26 years old, rated the distance learning course: "Bachelor Industrial Engineering Industry 4.0 (B.Eng.)" From the provider IU Fernstudium on November 16, 2020. Total Reviews: 17
    Support & organization

    All in all, studying at the Iubh is really great - flexible and interesting. I come from business administration and still get along well with the subjects of the natural sciences, which are new to me. If you have any questions, most tutors can be reached quickly or you can ask your questions in the live lectures, which always take place in the evening. If a lecture is missed, there are also recordings for each lesson that can be viewed at any time. 90% of the subjects are well prepared and structured. Occasionally there are errors in the script or in the tutorials. But much has already been made clear via the online platforms Teams or Piazza. The study secretariat is always there to help with formal matters and for email inquiries, you usually don't wait longer than 48 hours. At IUBH there is 100% flexibility with interesting and well-structured courses. So I would definitely recommend the Iubh to others.

    Dear Laura,
    Thank you very much for taking the time to write a review and we look forward to your positive feedback on the course. It's great that you are so satisfied at IUBH.

    We wish you every success and good luck for your further studies.

    Best wishes
    Your team from the IUBH distance learning

  • Christian, 28 years old, rated the distance learning course: "Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering" from the provider Wilhelm Büchner Hochschule (WBH) on March 8th, 2018. Total Reviews: 9
    Support & organization

    I opted for distance learning because I have to finance my own living and it didn't work that way with an ordinary university. But since I completed two semesters there (mechanical engineering), I am able to compare both types of study and I have to say that I am very positively surprised. In terms of content, distance learning is in no way inferior to face-to-face studies, on the contrary. The documents at the WBH are better than any lecture documents that I have seen during my face-to-face study. You just feel better and more fully prepared for the exams. I decided on the Wilhelm Büchner University especially because of its many external examination locations and because of the good rating. I can recommend my degree course (Bachler of Engineering Mechanical Engineering) with full conviction.

What course content do you expect?

In the field of engineering, too, further training is increasingly part of the job description. Rapid developments in research and technology, as well as ever new demands on materials, efficiency and performance require constant examination of the current state of knowledge through special training.

The offers for engineers are correspondingly diverse. In addition to various advanced training courses in business areas such as controlling, marketing, sales, financing and corporate management, topics in the field of technology management and tracking and environmental protection are also offered. Targeted further training opens up interesting opportunities for career advancement or a change to new areas of work in the engineering industry.

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