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Fitness apps: the best digital trainers put to the test

When Apple launched its iTunes Store in July 2008, the selection was pretty limited with just 500 apps. Today, over ten years later, it offers a total of almost two million apps - thousands of different applications for every taste are available in the fitness and health category alone.

And the market for digital fitness applications is growing and growing. It's hard to keep track of things. That is why we have tested the most popular fitness apps for you - with a view to the target group, the content or the area of ​​application, the degree of difficulty and price. We have taken into account free and subscription models for every budget and different terms.

What makes a good fitness app?

Before deciding on an app, however, you shouldn't just look at whether it's available for free. There are a few important things you should know about a good fitness app:

  1. Warm-ups before the actual workout.
  2. A fitness test or a check-up before you start your training to classify your level.
  3. Precise explanations of the individual exercises, ideally with video instructions or a reference book.
  4. The possibility to increase the training or to choose variants for your level.
  5. Filter options for the right workout according to time, equipment and muscle group.
  6. A voice output so that you don't have to constantly look at the screen.
  7. The small print - data protection, terms and conditions, etc. - should always be transparent and understandable for the consumer. Before you know it, confidential data and content is used for advertising purposes or you get caught in a subscription trap without knowing it.

Important: Please read carefully which conditions you agree to - including the apps presented here. Because these can change at any time. This also applies to the subscription prices, which may vary.

The best fitness apps by subscription

Here you can download Down Dog Yoga for free from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

  • Scope of application: yoga
  • Target group: everyone who wants to practice yoga at home according to their time limit and focus.
  • Difficulty level:from beginners to experienced.
  • Membership price: € 10.99 per month or € 65.99 per year. The first three sessions are free for testing.

Down Dog provides you with a completely new yoga unit every time you use it, thanks to over 60,000 different configurations - for beginners to experienced. Choose from the styles vinyasa, hatha, gentle yoga, yin yoga, ashtanga, yoga on the chair or practice different sun salutations. Strengthen your back or focus on other areas of the body, such as the hips or chest.

You can also choose whether you need a lot or a few spoken instructions and determine the style of music. The meditation time at the end can also be adjusted individually.

Practical: the yoga classes can also be downloaded for on the go or accessed on the laptop. If you want even more, you can also take a look at the other Down Dog apps, all of which are included in a Down Dog subscription if you wish: HIIT, pregnancy yoga, meditation and barre.

Conclusion: A simple and professional yoga app that also works in German. Understandable instructions are particularly important for asanas. The filter options are really smart and the calm and beautiful music makes you want to go to the mat - every day anew, because you only filter time, style and body region and start right away.

Here you can download the basic version of Asana Rebel for free from the App Store and the Google Play Store.

  • Scope of application: Yoga, strengthening, stretching, flexibility, mental health.
  • Target group: all yoga fans.
  • Difficulty level: from beginners to advanced.
  • Membership price: Monthly subscription currently from € 15.99 / month, annual subscription from € 2.99 / month.

Asana Rebel is the ideal app for everyone who would like to practice yoga regularly and in a variety of ways. Here you will find appealing flows with asanas for all levels of difficulty and demands in German - about 5-minute workouts, HIIT yoga, challenges, yoga especially for men, for certain body regions or programs such as "Fit for the summer".

In addition, the app offers individual recommendations, a calendar planner, recipes and moving meditations for stress relief in everyday life.

The app is really nicely done and shows the individual yoga flows in the videos very clearly and with helpful voice output. Asana Rebel is only attractive with a subscription: Workouts can be activated with a monthly or annual subscription.

Conclusion: Great for all yoga fans who want to train relaxed at home and are regularly looking for new flows!

Here you can download the basic version of LOOX for free from the App Store and the Google Play Store.

  • Scope of application: Muscle building, body toning, fat loss, strengthening and increasing fitness in the gym.
  • Target group: everyone who wants to structure their training in the gym or with weights better.
  • Difficulty level: from beginners to advanced.
  • Pro membership price: from € 4.99 as a monthly membership or from € 23.49 as an annual membership. The app can be tested free of charge for seven days in advance without converting to a subscription.

LOOX is the fitness app for everyone who likes to train in the gym or with equipment and who wants to plan and improve their training. The app contains around 300 training plans from different experts - for example from the popular fitness blogger Mark Maslow - which you can complete over several weeks.

The individual plans integrate the fitness equipment that can be found in every gym and show you the individual exercises and repetitions. The app also contains a training analysis that documents the training status.

With the Plus membership you can flexibly exchange exercises from training plans or create your own with meaningful support and inspiration.

Our conclusion: For everyone who really wants to let off steam in the gym, the LOOX app is the perfect tool to acquire new exercises, to document your progress and body values ​​and to regularly provide new training stimuli.

Here you can download the basic version of Freeletics for free from the App Store and the Google Play Store.

  • Scope of application: Strength, endurance, muscle building, fat loss, HIIT, bodyweight, gym, running, mindset coach.
  • Target group: Advanced users who want to make their training flexible and varied.
  • Difficulty level: Hobby athletes with a bit of experience and bite, the challenges are diverse thanks to exciting training journeys.
  • Pro membership price: 3 months: Training & Nutrition from currently 2.83 € per week (billed per quarter) and only training from 1.88 €, 6 months: Training & Nutrition from 2.42 € / week and only training from 1.62 € , 12 months: Training & Nutrition from 1.62 € and only training from 1.08 € per week. In other words: The Freeletics Training Coach is available from € 4.32 to € 11.32 per month and can be tested for two weeks without obligation.

Freeletics is probably one of the best-known and one of the most popular fitness apps and convinces as an intelligent fitness coach, nutrition coach and mindset coach in one. Successfully established in the app stores since 2013, the app becomes even more extensive every year.

Freeletics shows you individual exercises or workouts as high-quality videos and specifies the number of repetitions. So you can steadily increase yourself in terms of speed. But there are also slow technique and stretching sessions.

Voice instructions are only available for the time announcements, not for the execution: You can hear great music during your workout, but you should watch the exercise videos carefully beforehand and bring some prior knowledge with you.

The app also tracks your running training and offers audio coaching for more mindfulness or better sleep.

With the Pro membership, the app offers a large selection of training plans or journeys to various fitness goals between six and twelve weeks. Thanks to a sophisticated feedback system, the requirements grow with your performance.

Conclusion: The Freeletics app is perfect for those who want to take their fitness to a new level and just want one app that bundles training, nutrition and mindset content. You can find our detailed test report on the Freeletics app here.

Here you can download the basic version of Gettoworkout for free from the App Store and the Google Play Store.

  • Scope of application: Increase fitness with bodyweight training and strengthen, build muscle and lose fat.
  • Target group: male and female beginners to professionals.
  • Difficulty level: for every level.
  • Pro membership price: Monthly subscription for € 9.99 / month, 6-month subscription for € 39.99, annual subscription for € 59.99. After downloading, you have free access to all premium content for 14 days - after which it changes to the free basic version with just a few workouts.

High-intensity interval training with your own body weight: get-workout is reminiscent of Freeletics, but is not quite as hard because the exercises are kept simple. Those who step on the gas here will still reach their limits.

Here you only train for a limited period of time: because everyone does as many repetitions as he or she can, friends of different fitness levels can also train together very well.

The 40 full-body workouts can be filtered according to level and duration, 10 to 45 minutes, and are named after dazzling metropolises. Helpful warm-ups and cool-downs are always included.

The workouts can be completed as a video with an instructor or only with a short preview with a timer, if you already know how things are going - in each case as a stream on the mobile phone or smart TV or as a download for on the go.

The app also offers automated training plans, an exercise database with instructions as well as challenges and a community that pushes itself.

Conclusion: For everyone who wants to have a lot of power at home without equipment and frills, but for whom Freeletics is a bit too intense. Here you have a sufficient selection from 40 successful workouts and you don't have to scroll through a flood of new content and exercises and weigh up.

Here you can download the basic version of Athlagon for free from the App Store and the Google Play Store.

  • Scope of application: Fitness tests in the areas of speed strength, maximum strength, endurance, strength endurance, coordination and flexibility.
  • Target group: everyone who values ​​monitored, health-promoting training and who would like detailed analyzes of their performance progress.
  • Difficulty level: from beginners to advanced.
  • Pro membership price: from € 34.99 / 3 months, € 44.99 / 6 months or € 64.99 / year.

The analysis app developed by sports scientists and physiotherapists offers over 180 tests including very good video tutorials on all areas of sport: endurance, maximum strength, flexibility.

If you have successfully passed all tests in a level, you can go one level higher. There are also weekly challenges. The basic version already contains a large number of tests free of charge. If you want even more or want to train your skills regularly with an intelligent coach, you need a subscription.

Conclusion: For everyone who wants to know exactly how their fitness is going and wants to develop further, this app is a very good choice and something completely different to other fitness apps! The exercises are explained in great detail and are therefore particularly suitable for beginners, returnees and advanced technology fans.

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The best free fitness apps

Here you can download the basic version of Runkeeper for free from the App Store and the Google Play Store.

  • Scope of application: GPS run tracker.
  • Target group: everyone who knows their routes and values ​​while running, hiking, cycling, skiing and much more. want to track.
  • Difficulty level: from beginners to marathon runners.

All endurance athletes get their money's worth with the Runkeeper app. Choose between running, cycling, hiking, skiing, skating and much more. and take part in different challenges. Pick a personalized plan that will motivate you to walk out the door every day.

The app can also be connected to various sports watches and activity trackers and synchronized with your music apps. There is also the option of choosing between five different voices, which should propel you with information about your pace, distance and time (we particularly like the drill instructor).

Small minus point: The app and the language instructions are only available in English. But if you don't have any problems with that, you'll find the perfect running buddy in the Runkeeper app.

Our conclusion: Whether running, hiking or cycling - with the Runkeeper app you can track your stamina and gradually improve it or challenge it in virtual running groups. However, it is limited to endurance training and does not offer any fitness exercises to strengthen the muscles.

Here you can download Pumatrac for free from the App Store and the Google Play Store.

  • Scope of application: Workout combinations of fitness, boxing, ballet, yoga, pilates and running.
  • Target group: Anyone who does workouts to their liking and who may also want to go jogging.
  • Difficulty level: from beginners to advanced.

Pumatrac is a completely free app that is based entirely on your training preferences. After registration, you will be asked which type of training you enjoy the most and then you will receive personalized suggestions. The more you train with the app, the more intelligently it is curated.

Pumatrac offers 120 tailor-made video workouts: international trainers and professionals demonstrate the exercises and at the same time a voice prompt explains what to look out for. In a summary you will also get an overview of the course of the training.

The app also works on the Apple Watch and has a run mode that tracks time, distance, pace and the calories burned. You can motivate and compare each other in the feed and the user leaderboard. A calendar saves all completed workouts, which can also be shared with friends.

Conclusion: The high quality course videos, running mode, synchronization with music apps and the ability to connect with friends and other users are really fun.

Here you can download Nike Training Club for free from the App Store and the Google Play Store.

  • Scope of application: Endurance, strength, muscle building, fat loss, flexibility, speed, stress reduction, dance, fitness, HIIT, weight training, yoga.
  • Target group:simply all.
  • Difficulty level:from beginners to advanced.

The Nike Training Club app offers around 200 workouts and training programs for various goals and preferences between 5 and 60 minutes. You can also filter the workouts according to workout focus, muscle groups, level, duration, intensity and based on time or repetitions and according to the equipment you have available - regardless of whether you have nothing, just a few dumbbells or are training in the gym.

The workouts are really versatile and suitable for different athletes. Even the warm-up and cool-down sequences are varied. You can simply download the workouts to your mobile phone or Apple Watch and you will then be guided through the training optimally. The more you train with Nike Training Club, the more personal your workout recommendations will be.

Our conclusion: For us the best free all-round fitness apps at the moment: Everyone can find inspiration here and be motivated by famous athletes such as Serena Williams, Cristiano Ronaldo or Mario Götze.

Here you can download Nike Run Club for free from the App Store and the Google Play Store.

  • Scope of application: Running, endurance training.
  • Target group: all runners.
  • Difficulty level: from beginner to marathon runner.

The Nike Run Club is a free app that helps you gradually improve your endurance while jogging. It is very clearly and simply designed, can be operated intuitively and gives you feedback while running over the kilometers covered, pace, distance, GPS route, incline, heart rate and split times - with audio feedback from Nike coaches, elite athletes and motivators. Since the intervals are marked automatically, all you have to do is tap start and start walking.

You can see your location at any time on the integrated map. The app can also be synchronized with your music apps and works on the Apple Watch. Do you want to improve your performance even more? Follow training plans or take part in community challenges.

Conclusion: For everyone who wants to work on their running skills and increase their endurance, this free app is a very good choice. However, if you want detailed training plans and strength exercises, you should choose a different app.

SmartWOD workout generator

Here you can download SmartWOD for free from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

  • Scope of application: CrossFit, bodyweight training, HIIT, Tabata, endurance, speed, strength, muscle building, fat loss.
  • Target group: Hobby athletes and CrossFitters who know how to do it, but don't feel like thinking up their own workouts.
  • Difficulty level: Advanced to professionals.

Are you familiar with air squats, pistols and burpees and can you perform them safely, cleanly and at a fast pace? If the only problem is that you cannot decide on your workout for today or simply want to play practice roulette, then Smart-WOD is the right app for you.

Simply filter according to your equipment - from none to small items to full gym equipment - the desired duration and, if necessary, your body part focus and then select the workout that appeals to you. If you don't like the suggestion, just click on “Next” until your muscles are trembling with anticipation. You can also choose the type of workout: time-based, tabata, or as many repetitions as possible in a time window.

You can also create and save your own workouts of the day. Some warm-ups can also be found in the app.

The only downer: not all terms are stored in the legend. Therefore, the app is aimed more at advanced users. In addition, all workouts are based on pace. For many exercises, however, there is at least a short video instruction without sound hidden behind the question mark.

Conclusion: The free SmartWOD app is only suitable for athletes who are familiar with the terms and definitions of the exercises. For this target group and CrossFit fans, the app brings a lot of inspiration and variety by repeatedly spitting out new, short but demanding workouts for you.

The free version is enough. For 2.99 euros per month or 19.99 euros a year, you can get premium access without advertising and with access to all warm-ups, even more filters and a favorites and export function.

For those who prefer to do their own workouts and only need a timer, the SmartWOD Timer from the same provider is the ideal app: It's free in the Apple Store or in the Google Play Store.

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