How often do you eat meat per week

How much meat is the right amount?

There is a lot of arguing about the amount of meat, some consider meat to be the main component of the meal, for others it is at best a fine side dish.

The German Nutrition Society (DGE) recommends eating meat in moderation, a total of no more than 300-600 grams (g) of meat and sausage per week for an adult.

Here you will find the DGE's 10 rules for wholesome food and drink. Processed meat in particular - sausage and meat products - should only be consumed in moderate amounts, as the cancer researchers at the World Health Organization (WHO) emphasized in autumn 2015.

The right portion size

Different amounts of meat are recommended depending on the dish.

As a rule of thumb, these numbers apply per serving:

Boneless meat:125 - 150 g 
Meat on the bone:150 - 250 g 
Minced meat:100-150 g 
Sausage insert:50-90 g 

In many cases, however, the quantities can also be reduced. For more information, see How much meat does a portion need?

Is it also possible without meat?

If you want to do without meat completely, you can do so without problems. There is enough protein in milk, yoghurt, cheese, legumes and cereals; Combinations such as potatoes with egg, or milk with cereal / bread are ideal. Instead of meat, fish can of course also be eaten. Vitamins and iron are mainly offered by whole grain cereal products, ideally always in combination with vegetables or fruit rich in vitamin C.

If you don't just want to forego meat, but also dairy products and eggs, you have to deal a little more intensively with the value of food in order to still have a full-fledged diet. We will provide you with information on everything you need to know about vegetarian and vegan nutrition in a separate article.