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Sparked: Facebook tests video speed dating app

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Facebook wants to conquer the speed dating industry and is trying out the video chat app "Sparked".


Pascal Bartholomew

Find the love you love in a video chat without exchanging messages beforehand. Facebook is testing this concept with its speed dating app "Sparked".
During the corona pandemic, private meetings are only permitted to a very limited extent and restaurants and other establishments are completely closed. Not a good time for many singles, because at parties or in bars they don't get to know their sweetheart at the moment. Only online dating alternatives such as Tinder, Bumble or Lovoo can help. But Facebook has also been involved in Europe since 2020: Facebook Dating is the social network's virtual partner search. But the US company has other ambitions in the dating industry: After The Verge discovered the website of an app called "Sparked", Facebook confirmed the project. Unlike Tinder, you don't sort people there with a swiping gesture, but get to know them directly in a short video chat. Facebook will test the app on April 14, 2021 at a date night in Chicago.

Sparked: From a short video date to a contact

You don't need an account to use the Sparked app, you just log in with your Facebook account. A public profile is also not necessary, because the company makes the pre-selection based on specified preferences. At an event, users meet different conversation partners in four-minute dates. There are no private messages in advance. If both singles had a great time, they have the option to start another video date that lasts ten minutes. If the spark leaps over there too, those involved can exchange their contact information and network via iMessage, Instagram or email.

Sparked early in development

Sparked is currently in a very early experimental phase, as Facebook told The Verge. The NPE team (New Product Experimentation) of the social network is developing the app. If the users accept it well, it will hit the market - if not, Facebook will discontinue it. This has already happened to the music video app "Collab" and the DIY app "Hobbi". It is unclear whether and when Facebook Sparked will roll out for the general public.