Why is the US against Iran

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However, his calculation did not seem to have worked out completely: At the end of June last year, the Iranian military shot down a US drone over the Strait of Hormuz. A retaliatory attack announced by Trump was stopped by him at the last minute. In September, Iran shot down an American drone in the Persian Gulf. The US also blamed Iran for an attack on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia (a US ally) in September 2019 - and ultimately for rocket attacks on American positions in Iraq in late December. That could have been the trigger for Trump to have Soleimani killed. The US government had been considering this option for several years.

How did the Iranian leadership react to the attack?

She announced a "devastating vengeance". On the night of January 8, Iran fired up to 22 rockets at two military bases with American troops in Iraq, according to various sources. According to CNN, the US soldiers were warned of the attack and were mostly able to get to safety, with eleven soldiers injured. The same day was early morning a Ukrainian passenger plane Shot down shortly after take-off near the Iranian capital Tehran - all 176 inmates were killed.

The Iranian leadership initially blamed the accident on an engine failure. As the burden of proof became more pressing, the air force chief announced three days later that the Ukrainian passenger plane had inadvertently been mistaken for a cruise missile approaching a strategically important military base. They were on the alert for threats from the US to attack 52 targets in Iran in the event of an Iranian retaliatory attack. However, the government's previous insincerity fueled the tense situation in Iran, and thousands of Iranians protested in the streets.

What's next?

Despite sharp rhetoric, the parties do not seem to want - or to be able to afford - an open war. However, tensions in the region remain. In Iraq in particular, there are fears that a proxy war could break out in the country. In the US air strike earlier this year, not only Soleimani was killed, but also Iraqi militia commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis.

One looks excitedly to February 11: It is the 40th day after Soleimani's death, which is important for Muslims, and at the same time the 41st anniversary of the founding of the Islamic Republic. Another important event is the Iranian parliamentary elections on February 21. They are considered to point the way for the further development of the country, which has been marked by protests and unrest. Iran is one of the most resource-rich states in the world, but the people are economically bad. "People have understood that their enemy is at home," said an Iranian journalist in an interview. The leading elites can less and less blame the US for the problems Iranians face.

And in the USA? Find there in November Presidential election instead of. Donald Trump is under pressure over an impeachment process and the election promise that the US would withdraw from the Middle East. One thing is certain: Whatever happens in one country when it is elected has an impact on the other.

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