Why do deer thrive in residential areas

The Oitner family - Klampfergut

The passion for game - yes, it already exists after decades of experience and this also spans generations.

We have not only devoted our attention to direct marketing, but also sell our deer directly to you in a simple and uncomplicated way, without long stalking and waiting.

Are you not really satisfied with yours anymore Breeding deer, should something change again - change something, then we have a wonderfully refreshing selection of red deer ready for you.

What is special about our deer, you ask yourself?

We have a refreshing variety - from young to old, from simple to capital antlers. You have the choice.

One thing, of course, not to be forgotten: there is health and vitality in each of our deer. Why? We take care of them from an early age so that their health and vitality remain that way up to the elderly, capital stag, from deworming to grassland maintenance and the rest that they need to thrive optimally.

For those of you who are simple a hunting experience are looking for, but do not want or cannot spend the time to go on a hunting trip, we are at the right place for you! Just get away from work for a moment, make yourself happy, a short hunting trip without much fuss…. contact us, we are at your disposal. We treat our customers discreetly.

Don't go far when the good is so close!