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Episode 514

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  • Weatheria: The researchers of the sky island have finally found Nami and demand that she hand over her research reports, the weather ball and the hostage Haredasu to them. Without much objection, Nami does this immediately, kneels in front of them and apologizes for their actions. However, the researchers are still angry with Nami and want to get rid of her. However, with her feminine charm and a certain acting talent, she can convince her that she would even be willing to jump from the island into the sea if she was forgiven in this way. The researchers want to stop Nami before she does so and again apologize to Nami for her rude words. In a matter of seconds, Nami discards her plan to jump off the island, accepts the apology, introduces herself correctly for the first time and says that, since she will stay longer on the island, she needs a house here. Shortly afterwards she wants to get back to work to help with the weather research. Nami then runs to Haredasu's house, remembering how Luffy once helped her against Arlong.
  • Haredasu's house: In the weather researcher's house, Nami finds a book about some of the islands in the New World. In doing so, she discovers a picture of an island on which lightning comes down like rain. Haredasu explains that there are many strange weather phenomena in the New World that have not yet been properly explored. If Nami really wants to go there one day, she has to prepare well. Nami then wants Haredasu to tell her everything about the weather in the New World. Haredasu is amazed how serious Nami is. Nami explains that she has to be serious about this. She is the navigator of the crew and if her captain wants to become king of the pirates, she has to improve herself significantly, especially since her captain knows absolutely nothing about seafaring. Therefore, she must help him, as he had once helped her. Haredasu then agrees to teach Nami everything he knows.
  • Karakuri: Captain Gorilla of the Navy investigates Dr. Vegapunk's old laboratory, which is considered the greatest loss of mankind. He has received information that the perpetrator must be cyborg Franky, but he wonders how he got to this island.
  • Franky, Kitton, his grandfather and Taroimo have found a hidden cave that was uncovered after the explosion. Inside the cave is another secret laboratory owned by Dr. Vegapunk. When Franky looks around, he realizes that this must be the place where the cyborg animals were created. After looking at some construction plans, Franky is certain that devices for everyday life were created in the previous laboratory and that weapons research from combat ships to human cells was carried out in this laboratory. This is exactly what the cyborg wanted, which is why he decides to live here from now on and only to stop by Kitton's now and then to stock up on his cola. However, Kitton and his grandfather are terrified every time Franky turns to face them as his skin is burned on the front. Franky then takes a tiger skin and puts it on, whereupon his friends calm down again. Since it is very cold in the laboratory, Franky lights the fireplace. Kitton now asks Franky why he no longer wants to flee from the island. Franky then remembers how he got his dream back through Luffy, who built the Thousand Sunny and drove her across the seas. Since Luffy has not yet made it to the pirate king, the Sunny should actually go further and for the ship to do this, Franky wants to improve his skills as much as possible. Franky then notices that his tiger skin has caught fire. The cyborg finally runs out of the laboratory screaming.
  • Outside the laboratory: Captain Gorilla and his crew are about to examine the destroyed laboratory when they see a monster, which they recognize as a burning giant tiger. The navy runs away from the monster, which is actually Franky, in a panic. This gave rise to the legend of Baldimore's terrifying fire tiger.
  • Momoiro: At the dining table, Ivankov asks Sanji what he had found in the newspaper because he was suddenly so calm. Sanji explains that he discovered a secret message that only members of Luffy's crew understand and that if Ivankov still doesn't believe him that he is one of them, he wouldn't tell him. After trying the food, Sanji asks what it contains and who made it, as he suddenly feels as if his body is filled with energy. Ivankov explains, in his exaggerated way, that any cook on this island can prepare this meal. Food is a basic component of the structure of the human body and the food here is an important factor in the strength of the residents. Sanji finds it interesting that possibly in the future his food could make his crew members stronger. When he thinks about the future, however, he is on fire as soon as Nami and Robin can become even more attractive and wants Ivankov to show him how to make this meal. With a kick to bring Sanji back down, Ivankov replies with "No". Ivankov explains that if Sanji wants to learn the 99 recipes, he must have a pure girl's heart and learn the Newkama Kenpou. However, Sanji declines on the grounds that he was not born to make friends with women, but to love women, to become a tranny again. Ivankov has taken a liking to Sanji and wants to give him a chance. Ivankov wants to hand the 99 recipes over to the 99 masters of Newkama Kenpous and if Sanji is a real pirate he would be able to steal them. However, trannies would try to make Sanji a tranny again and put him in a dress day and night. In principle, Sanji has to take on the entire island. If he wins he gets a ship in addition to the 99 recipes. Ivankov then waits for Sanji's answer. The cook thinks about how he met Luffy and how fascinated by his iron will. To help Luffy achieve his dream, Sanji wants to give him the best possible support as a ship's cook, even if that means living in this hell for two years to get stronger. So Sanji accepts the challenge. Shortly thereafter, Sanji is attacked by a horde of trannies. Caroline is also among them, who has one of the 99 recipes. This is perfect for Sanji as it gives him the chance to get revenge on their last fight.
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