Why can't I sleep without my boyfriend

Falling asleep without a friend

I've been with my boyfriend for 4 years now. Everything is great if only it weren't for this problem:

As soon as my friend comes home later, I won't be able to fall asleep. It turns out that we have agreed that on such evenings he will be home by midnight at the latest, so that I can still get reasonably enough sleep for the next day.

I've already tried sleeping pills, tea, baths, music, etc. Sometimes it helps, but mostly it doesn't. I also like to meet friends on such days, but I never come home as late as he does, i. H. I still have the problem.

As soon as the Lord is at home, I (mostly) fall asleep on the spot.

In the meantime it has also become a head thing. I know that when he comes home later, I have trouble falling asleep, if at all, so that of course I can fall asleep even less. A vicious circle.

Above all, my friend is in charge and would (understandably) be reluctant to be bound by the 24-hour agreement. It annoys me because I enjoy spending the evening alone. And go to bed whenever I like. But then I can't sleep. Arhg!

I know from some friends that you feel the same when your friend is not at home and you are waiting for him. But at least they can usually sleep reasonably and are not wide awake.

It annoys and annoys me so much. Does anyone have any tips?