What are some very cool screen savers

Cool screensavers

If the screen is not used at home or at work, they scroll across the screen: Screensaver make sure that the monitor can rest as much as possible and that it may add a little pep to the dreary everyday office life, for example. There are of course all kinds of screensavers for this, including really cool screensavers that you can download for free. You can find some examples in this article.

Cool screensavers: 3D screensavers

Meanwhile, 3D has already been celebrated in the cinemas, so why not download a 3D screensaver for free at home? With the flight over sea screen saver you glide over the seven seas like a bird. Just watching and floating through the air, you can relax from the stressful everyday life and let your mind wander. A nice free screensaver for the break in between. The next cool screensaver is anything but cool: It gets really hot with the Free Fire Screensaver. The free screensaver lets your desktop go up in flames. Your folders, icons, windows catch fire and burn brightly. For example, if you would prefer it a little quieter during Advent, we recommend the free download of Snow3. With it the snow trickles quietly over your desktop.

Cool screensavers: games and science fiction

The free screensavers from categories such as games or science fiction ensure some action. For game freaks there is, for example, the Max Payne 2 screensaver free to download or the cool screensaver for Prince of Persia - Warrior within. The Future City 3D screensaver takes you into futuristic realms, in which you find yourself in New York around the year 2112 with flying cars and hypermodern buildings. You can get some space action with the free download of Asteroids. The cool screensaver shows the wild flight of a UFO through asteroid fields and how it shoots its way free.

Cool screensavers: interactive

Nowadays it is even possible for the user to interact with a free screensaver. The Web.de Screensaver, for example, enables you to display your personal selection of messages on your screen. The cool screensaver also offers audio news, internet radio and a large selection of games. You can take off with the forest screensaver. After the free download you move through the air with a bird and steer it through a forest with your mouse. It is important not to see the forest for the trees any more.

Questions about setting up a screensaver? Here you will find instructions under XP, Windows 7 or Mac OS.