Are the companies on Monster Com safe?

Monster Worldwide Austria

Mag. Barbara Riedl-Wiesinger Country Manager

Dear, "former monster",
Thank you for the time you took to give us your detailed feedback!

We would like to address a few points of criticism:
You address the behavior of the superior.
We agree with you that there is always room for improvement! is - even after 15 years - still a young company, in which the average age is currently lower than in other industries. Most of our managers are also younger and therefore not as experienced as “old hands” elsewhere. However, we have regular training courses in this area to support managers and will continue to do so in the future.

Most positions at are entry-level positions. We also want to encourage and challenge inexperienced employees. Unfortunately, due to the size of the company in Austria, there are fewer development opportunities locally - more internationally, of course - so employees regularly leave us because they want to develop further. We think that's a shame, but understandable.
But we are very proud that we also have very long-standing employees. We have already had several 10-year anniversaries and the average membership at the moment is more than 5 years.

We agree with you that communication can always be improved!
We try to pass on the important information to all employees through our quarterly "Kick Off", our bi-weekly internal newsletter, regular email updates and also through personal communication. However, there are always issues that, from a management point of view, only speak out loud when the matter is clearer or mature enough that it makes sense to get all employees on board and inform them. This is often the case with sensitive topics, and in our view it would not be wise to worry or confuse employees or to inform them about something that will be completely different tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.
However, we do live an open communication culture, in which every employee can contact the management directly, HR or the works council if they have any questions.

On the subject of salary and benefits:
As we understand it, you are mainly addressing the salary in sales. All employees in sales / distribution - and this is the case in most companies - are measured against their own success through a variable salary component. In sales you can earn above-average well if you perform very well.

Benefits such as free Nespresso coffee, Sonnentor tea, mineral water and fresh fruit - as well as restaurant vouchers, flextime and regular employee events are not a matter of course everywhere, and it is extremely important to us to offer our employees these benefits.

You also mentioned the image:
Fortunately, we work in an area where there is also competition. Because competition brings innovation and further development. Monster is still the technology leader in the industry. Our strategy was and is always different from the one our competitors have, which is why we do not rely on copying but on innovations from our own resources.

We are constantly working to improve and would therefore like to thank you again for your feedback!

We wish you all the best and much success for your professional and private future.