What a rash comes and goes

skin rash

If you feel bad and have a rash, it could be a sign of serious illness. Many diseases of the internal organs can show up as a rash. Your doctor can do this by doing blood tests. Certain skin signs are indicative of the disease. In this way, your doctor can often tell directly whether you have B. measles, chickenpox, rubella, herpes zoster, erysipelas or borreliosis.

Sometimes rashes appearing for the first time are also an indication of a developing allergy e.g. B. on food or ingredients of perfumes or detergents. Allergic rashes often cause annoying itching. Here your doctor can use an allergy test to clarify whether you have an allergy and which one, so that you can avoid these substances or foods in the future. If necessary, the doctor treats the allergic rash with anti-itch agents or with cortisone. Usually the skin will be clear of the rash after a few days.

It is not uncommon for you and your doctor to find no direct cause for the rash despite intensive efforts and research. Maybe stress was the trigger, maybe you inhaled or ate something that you reacted to - most of the time it is unique and has no further meaning. You can still relieve the symptoms with an ointment containing cortisone, which is also effective against the itching.