VIT has some strict rules

Nursing officer warns: "There are corona rules that are too strict"

In retrospect, many agreed: The strict isolation of the nursing homes at the beginning of the Corona crisis demanded a lot from the residents. Experts warn of new insulation.

The Federal Government's Nursing Officer has warned against too strict corona requirements in retirement and nursing homes. "There are very good concepts. In some cases, however, there are also rules which, according to the current state of knowledge, are too strict," said Andreas Westerfellhaus to the newspapers of the Funke media group. "Even if there is a limited outbreak, a facility must not reflexively be closed to visitors again."

Lockdown: Unfortunately, many residents are under isolation

After several severe corona outbreaks, nursing homes in Germany were severely sealed off during the first lockdown in the spring. In retrospect, this also triggered criticism because many residents suffered from the isolation. But even now the infection rate in old people's and nursing homes as well as the high mortality rates among old people are again causing great concern. "The situation remains very tense," said RKI President Lothar Wieler.

Together with the RKI, the nursing officer has now developed a guide for visits to old people's and nursing homes, which is to be sent to the facilities. According to the report, this also includes the recommendation to announce visits to the home management in good time and to clarify whether a rapid test is useful.

"This is particularly important in the Christmas season: If 100 members of 70 residents stand in front of the door at 5 p.m. on Christmas Eve, then the nurses can't do it. Fever measurements, record personal data, talk to mask refusers or even plan 15 minutes per quick test - that doesn't work, "says Westerfellhaus.

Nursing officer advocates pragmatic solutions

He advocated pragmatic solutions. "For cognitively impaired people, people with masks can be irritating," says the nursing officer. "In such cases it is okay if you keep enough distance and briefly remove the mask from your face when greeting you to make yourself recognizable."

Individual institutions have also introduced visiting bans for children. "That has not been scientifically proven." You shouldn't come to visit with four grandchildren from three households. "But if you behave wisely in the days before, and reduce your contacts again, you should also be allowed to come with a child."

There are also homes in which, for reasons of hygiene, even birthday gifts are initially stored in the basement for some time. "Based on current knowledge about the risk of infection, this is unnecessary." Anyone who wants to bring gifts or flower arrangements to a person in need of care for Christmas should be allowed to do so. It is also desirable that relatives could visit their relatives in their rooms - and not have to meet in group rooms.

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