Where are viruses found

Android: This is how you remove viruses from your cell phone


Viruses are also a big problem on Android phones. We'll show you how to track down malware on your cell phone, remove it and protect yourself from it in the future.

  1. These are signs of a virus infection
  2. Install virus protection software
  3. No virus found - now what?
  4. Prevent virus infection - backup and data protection

Malicious software is not just a topic that desktop operating system users should deal with. Android cell phones are also a target for attack. Viruses and other threats can not only take full control of your device, but can also intercept your private data unnoticed and forward it to the attacker via the Internet.

Your smartphone no longer works as usual and develops some strange quirks? Maybe you caught a virus.

These are signs of a virus infection

The following behavior of your mobile phone indicates a virus infection.

  • The battery runs out quickly
  • Long response time
  • Strange items on the cell phone bill
  • The mobile phone unintentionally displays advertisements or other pop-ups.

There are many ways to catch a virus. Once on the go, open the attachment of a spam e-mail or a dubious link and there is already a danger that a virus, malware or spyware program will lodge itself on the smartphone. But it is also quite possible to use the Google Play Store to catch malicious software via infected downloads on the smartphone.

The best virus scanners for Android
The best virus scanners for Android

As on your home computer, you should therefore install anti-virus software on your smartphone. We present the best virus scanners for Android in the gallery. How you can recognize viruses on your smartphone and remove them in an emergency is shown in our instructions below using the example of the Avira software.


Depending on the smartphone, manufacturer and Android version, menu names and the steps to protect against viruses may vary slightly and of course you can also use alternative virus programs than those we use. If you want to secure your Android smartphone, you should still be able to use the following tips and tricks as a guide.

Check the system

  1. 1

    When Avira Antivirus Security is started for the first time, the app usually automatically checks your system for viruses, malware or other pests. Otherwise you start a virus scan by tapping on "Smartscan" on the main page of the app.

  2. 2

    If a malicious program is found, you can remove it directly from your smartphone with the anti-virus program.

No virus found - now what?

If you did not find a virus with the scan process of your anti-virus program, but still fear a malware infection, you can reset your Android smartphone to the factory settings and thus remove all data, including the malware, from the device. We will show you the steps required for this in our tutorial on hard reset for Android smartphones.

Before doing this, you can install a second virus program from another manufacturer on your smartphone and run a new virus scan. You may be able to track down the malware in this way due to possible differences in the currentness and scope of the virus database. Please note that you should never have multiple virus programs installed on your system at the same time. To avoid complications, you should therefore uninstall the program that is not required.

Prevent virus infection - backup and data protection

In order to avoid a new virus infection of your Android smartphone in the future, you should install an anti-virus program on your device as early as possible and keep it up to date as far as possible.

We also recommend that you make regular backups of your devices. With a backup you can restore your infected device to its normal state without losing any data. In another guide, we'll tell you how you can create a full Android backup in the cloud and then restore your data.

It is also helpful to secure your online accounts with two-factor authentication and to install a VPN to protect your privacy. A third-party lock protects against unwanted items on the mobile phone bill.

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