Is birth control haram

Political situation The people's hopes rest on the president

Embarked on a reform course

After taking office, the President embarked on an encouraging reform course, initiated a national development strategy and returned his country to the regional and international community. Stabilizing democracy and the rule of law are on the agenda, as is the fight against corruption. Issoufou has started an initiative for food security and initiated the development of a long-term strategy to promote rural development.

High population growth

Sustainable development progress is made massively more difficult by the extremely high population growth of almost four percent annually: The economic successes are not enough to offer the growing young population sufficient future prospects. Every year around 400,000 young people have to be provided with additional jobs, services and food.

In view of the extreme population growth, President Issoufou also openly addresses the need for family planning and birth control - a taboo subject in large parts of Nigerien society.

Difficult political situation in neighboring countries

Niger lies in a crisis region. The difficult political situation in the neighboring countries of Libya, Mali and Nigeria makes it difficult to maintain supplies and internal security. Due to conflicts, numerous people from neighboring countries are fleeing to Niger or within Niger. Since the Islamist terrorist organization Boko Haram has also attacked targets in southeast Niger from Nigeria, the situation has worsened dramatically, especially in the Diffa region.

In addition, Niger is West Africa's most important migration transit country. Most of the West and Central African migrants come to Europe via Niger, Libya and finally across the Mediterranean. The main causes of migration are socio-economic deficits in the entire Sahel region and West Africa.