How did Trump obstruct the judiciary

Did Trump obstruct the judiciary?

US President is now also in the sights of special investigator Mueller

Washington. US President Donald Trump defended himself on Thursday against allegations that he had obstructed the judiciary. "They invented a lazy story about collusion with the Russians, now they are trying to obstruct justice with their lazy story," wrote Trump on Twitter. There is a political "witch hunt" going on. The day before it had become known that the special investigator appointed by the Justice Department, Robert Mueller, was also investigating Trump directly because of possible obstruction of justice. The investigation began shortly after Trump fired FBI chief James Comey. Comey said he believed he had been fired because of the investigation into the Russia affair. Trump attorney Marc Kasowitz had already distributed a statement on Wednesday. "The FBI's disclosure of information about the president is outrageous, inexcusable and illegal," the statement said. dpa / nd page 7

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