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Old nursery as a meeting place

The revitalization of the town center saves nature building up grassland and the population so many car journeys. With creative ideas, existing buildings such as the “Alte Gärtnerei” in Eichgraben can become new meeting locations.

EICHGROBEN (pa). The "old nursery" was successfully revitalized in Eichgraben. Since that opening party in the summer of 2019, the "Alte Gärtnerei" has established itself as an event center and meeting point in the center of Eichgraben - and it extends beyond that. In addition to stimulating the economy, there will also be additional parking spaces. Associations and private individuals use the facility, which has been revitalized with the support and support of the state, for parties and events, flea markets and design markets. The community organized, among other things, a benefit evening for a family in Eichgraben.

Opening ceremony 2019

At the opening party there was dumplings: sweet, fruity, spicy dumplings for meat tigers, vegetarians and vegans. In addition to dumplings with an Asian or South American touch, there were also classic Austrian dumplings, filled with apricots, spinach, greens or bacon. Most of the adult guests enjoyed an ice-cold Eichgraben beer with them. The choice of drinks at the opening party of the Eichgraben event center “Alte Gärtnerei” seems obvious - but why dumplings?
“With the nursery we wanted to create a place that appeals to everyone, that has no barriers. A place where everyone can simply come and take part, ”explains Andrea Buhl-Aigner, chairwoman of the“ Alte Gärtnerei ”association. You don't have to belong anywhere to be welcome in the "old nursery" - that
At the opening party, the association also communicated about love that goes through the stomach. “Dumplings can be found all over the world, in all cultures. There is something for everyone with dumplings. "

Squeeze juice

This year there is again the possibility of having your garden fruit pressed into juice in the old gardening center. You can read more information here.

Weekly market

Since October, the "Alte Gärtnerei" Eichgraben has been the scene of a weekly market every Thursday: It started with vegetables and cheese from providers of the monthly market, soon followed by fruit, meat, fish, jam and local specialties such as organic honey from Eichgraben. The range is constantly being expanded, with the goal of a regional product range that can cover weekly shopping. "The weekly market has developed into a fixed point in the shopping routine of many Eichgrabner - also due to the Corona crisis, in which it was open for up to a week", according to the community.

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