What is HDR How useful is it

HDR on smartphones - that's what it means

When should you do without HDR?

Although it is of course never wrong to take pictures in the best possible quality, there are situations in which HDR on smartphones tends to lead to a deterioration in the result. This includes, for example, motifs in which there is movement (for example when playing soccer). Because HDR works on smartphones through many composite individual images, the created motif is at risk in these cases to get fuzzy. After all, many blurred photos cannot result in a sharp subject. In these situations, it is therefore advisable to forego HDR and instead try to capture the moving scenes smoothly in normal photo mode. Plus, HDR is more of a disadvantage if you strong contrasts such as photographing a dark shadow against a light background. After all, HDR on smartphones is designed to achieve the highest possible balance between light and dark. This means that if you use HDR for images that are actually supposed to have a high light-dark contrast, this will be the case not really shown. So it is best to think before each photo whether HDR on smartphones is helpful in this situation or not.

How to turn on HDR on smartphones

Using HDR on smartphones is relatively easy. If you have an iOS device, just go to the Camera app and then tap "HDR" at the top of the screen. You then have the option of choosing between "AUTO", "On" and "Off". If you have decided on “AUTO”, your iPhone decides for itself when to use HDR on smartphones and when not. "On" activates the function permanently and "Off" switches it off again. As soon as the function is active, this will be indicated to you by a small yellow lettering with “HDR” displayed in the upper center of the screen.
Activating HDR on smartphones such as the Sony Xperia XA1 or Sony Xperia XA2 is also quite simple on Android devices. Just open your Camera app and tap on that Settings icon (the little gear). The settings menus vary a little depending on the phone model or manufacturer. But there is nothing to worry about. As a rule, many of the Android menus are structured very similarly. And so you will find the option "HDR" either right at the beginning (ie on the first level) of the settings menu. Or you must first select an option such as “Record Mode”. No matter what kind of Android phone you have, the HDR function on smartphones is very easy and can be found in just a few steps in the settings of your camera app.