When are polyester clothing worn?

Polyester clothes ?! Good quality??

Well, almost all of my polyester dresses have no sleeves or wide, loose, nothing stinks and I rarely get an unpleasant smell from other (well-groomed) polyester wearers and if that were really all that bad, you couldn't even make bras made of synthetic fibers carry more without stinking like hell on the second day.
with tight sleeves and no shirt underneath, that might like. then be something else and in midsummer I prefer to use other fabrics but otherwise I think the polyester-smelly thing is a little exaggerated.

that's true. there is a difference between wearing tight clothing that still covers the armpits and something airy that may still have free armpits.
bras are usually not made of polyester, but a mixture of cotton, polyamide and elastane. But even there I only buy things with a high percentage of cotton. I find it much more pleasant. Not all synthetic fibers are created equal. and everyone has to decide for themselves about the stench. I've had to endure it way too often, especially in the summer.
and above all i find the prices outrageous.

In this case, the researchers adjusted the structure of the polyester fiber to that of the wool fiber: Polyester fibers used to be smooth fibers. Due to this smoothness, the fabrics were very dense, so that little water vapor, i.e. vaporous sweat, could penetrate the fabric. This led to profuse sweating. Due to the smoothness of the fibers, the fabrics were also very close to the skin, which also made it uncomfortable to wear.

everything that is in the text makes sense. but one cannot seriously believe that primark h & m zara and co buy “high quality” polyester. at least you can see that very quickly on the garment. namely, texturing is also a labor requirement, which makes production costs higher. and companies want to make as much profit as possible. you just have to be familiar with it or deal with it a bit, then you can certainly find high-quality polyester parts that don't stink. but they also have their price. and for me that is where I know what kind of material it will be and what it is made of, just not worth the price. everyone has to decide for themselves.
And for me, polyester is and will remain a material that I don't want to buy. By the way, not only polyester, but also things like acrylic or polyamide etc. are on my not to buy list. I am generally not convinced of the actual genus of synthetic fibers.