How do I become Harvey Specter

Harvey Specter

Many of you are probably familiar with the Netflix series "Suits". One of the protagonists is Harvey Specter. A lawyer who works in the Big Apple and throws wisdom around him. Harvey Specter is a good example of how to move about with confidence and self-assurance in the professional world. Many of his wisdoms can help you in everyday business life and provide orientation. We'll tell you here what you can learn from the charismatic, straightforward and always perfectly dressed serial lawyer.

Successful through business life with Harvey Specter

If you want to be more confident and self-assured in the workplace, then Harvey Specter can be a real role model for you. Do you want to push your self-confidence in your job? Then the following tips can be helpful:

Get a mindset like Harvey Specter - you are a winner

Harvey Specter always takes a mental winning stance. He takes it for granted that he can do anything and always win. This winner attitude is reflected in the behavior of the series character and in his dealings with himself and other people. Self-confidence and self-esteem are among the most important qualities a lawyer should display. In all other professions, too, it is an advantage if you can appear self-confident and self-assured. Important for this: You have to develop the mindset of a winner. You don't feel or think like a winner yet? Then just pretend. True to the motto "fake it till you make it". You can orient yourself by the posture of the serial attorney and ask yourself in different situations what the successful serial attorney would do in your place. Changing your mental attitude can lead to far-reaching changes in other areas of your life. With your mental attitude you can move mountains. Of course, nobody is always on the winning side and there are areas and situations in which we feel unsafe. However, with the right mental attitude, we do not limit ourselves to be ourselves. Anyone who constantly only doubts himself takes the wind out of the sails of his boat before it has really started.

Ensures a good reputation

For more success in the world of work, you should work on your reputation. How do you want to be perceived by those around you? What qualities do you want others to associate with you? Think about how you should be seen by others and what is important to you in relation to your reputation. If you want to build up a certain reputation for yourself, it is important that you behave as consistently as possible. To find your own way, you can sit down with two or three people close to you and ask them what your strengths are. What do you do better than others? What can others expect from you? Where are your blind spots? Others may notice something about you that is hidden from you. The series character Harvey Specter assumes that the first impression counts. That means, really give it gas at the beginning and you will also be perceived as competent later on.

Harvey Specter is quick-witted, quick to think, and proactive

Harvey Specter is not sitting in a quiet room waiting for life to play him good cards. He always takes care of his own happiness. He always acts proactively. In addition, he is always quick-witted in conversations. He turns attacks into compliments and he keeps his smile as well as his positive posture. If there is a verbal attack in the series "Suits", the successful lawyer fends off this and then usually ends the conversation. He leaves his counterpart thoughtful. He always manages to react quickly because he is always present and focused on the conversation. From this one can draw the conclusion: Pay your full attention to every person you are talking to and stay in the here and now.

Correct body language is what counts

You hunch your shoulders, hardly make eye contact, and when someone speaks to you, do you flinch? You wouldn't see anything like that at Harvey Specter. His body speaks the language of power and dominance. If the winner has a goal, he doesn't take a detour, he walks straight towards it. He is always aware of his external impact. He pays attention to a perfect appearance and attaches importance to tailor-made suits, for example. Harvey Specter does not avoid other looks, his walk is straight and testifies to his winning mentality. If you want to be more confident in your job, you should also pay attention to your body language.

Responsibility versus the others are to blame

Harvey Specter does not leave the helm of his life to others. He takes responsibility for his life and is the proverbial blacksmith of his luck. He knows that external influences also play a role, but he tries to control them consciously. He uses all of his skills from his demeanor to bespoke suits to his rhetoric to control things around him. If, like Harvey Specter, you want to take responsibility for your life, then you have to answer for everything you do or not do and face the consequences. And you do everything to achieve the best possible effect on the outside.

High expectations of yourself and others

The serial attorney is also distinguished by the fact that he has high expectations of himself. He sets high standards. You don't get his respect for free, you have to earn it. If he expects loyalty from his counterpart, he is ready to give it on his part. If you want to develop in this direction, make it clear which standards you have. What are your values What are your goals? You can design a vision board to drive your development. Those who are ready to give a lot can also expect a lot from others.

Good preparation makes you self-confident

You shouldn't just rely on your skills or your personality, good preparation is also important. The better you prepare for certain situations, the more confident, self-assured and relaxed you can be. You then radiate a certain calm and security. Before an interview or a salary negotiation, for example, it is worth going through the interview in your head or formulating it in writing. You can write down possible objections and your answers to them. So prepared you can also master challenging situations.


Self-confidence and self-confidence are important in everyday private and professional life. If you weren't born with these traits, it's worth studying characters like Harvey Specter and imitating his behavior. Step by step you can work on your appearance and thus gain more security in the job.

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