What is a service design process

Service design in general deals with the design of holistic solutions that are useful, usable and desirable from the point of view of the user and that are effective, efficient and unique from the point of view of the provider. It stands the focus is always on the user.

The requirements for companies are becoming more and more complex in the course of technological change - and this at all levels, be it in product development and marketing, with strategic issues, as well as in corporate culture. Design thinking As a superordinate term for service design describes a new attitude within the organizational culture, which represents a possible way to master these challenges. For a closer look, I highly recommend Jon Kolko's article in the Harvard Business Review: “Design Thinking Comes of Age”.


A co-creative process

In the Development of a new product So let's look carefully at that first Needs of the user on, do market research, then turn into a co-creativeprocess suitable Ideas / Find solutions. Ultimately, selected ideas become one Prototypes developed and tested on the potential customer - if the prototype does not fit, it goes back to brainstorming: iterative approach is desired.


A little example

The Hof University / Münchberg Campus has visualized a number of Service Design Thinking tools in the Media Design course. Here's the simple explanation of how a Service blue print works, which is mainly used to optimize service processes: