Is the hostel in Amity good

Pokémon Crossing: Meadows of Amity

  • Next stop: Auenfluss! "
    With a quiet rattle, the train finally reached the Auenfluss station and stopped. When its doors opened, a lot of Pokémon streamed out, which was very unusual for this area. Some faster, some slower, and all different. They left the wooden station building, which looked more like a barn, and reached a stone square in front of it, where a chelast was already waiting, accompanied by a Wiesor in a blue apron. It had stood on a wooden box to have a better overview and its smile dug pits in its face. In the background you could see the town hall in the distance. Otherwise it was green everywhere. Trees stood around here and there. A few of them carried sinelberries.

    “My young buds!” The mayor began his speech. “My name is Mayor Turtwig. I am glad that you followed my request and that you have appeared here in large numbers. Because a city needs strangulation - uh ... citizens, hey hey huff! And only with your help can this village and you too flourish! ”Speaking loudly seemed to be difficult for the old plant-type Pokémon. In addition, the heat built up under his top hat, so that he dabbed his forehead from sweat with a white handkerchief. In doing so, however, he did not lose his cheerfulness.
    “In any case, I wish you a pleasant stay in our beautiful floodplain river. First you should move into your houses, which by the way were donated by our wonderful Tanook here. What do you mean donated ... They still belong to him, but he lets you live there because he said his future customers would need accommodation, he he huff. After that you can take a look at the area and get to know each other. If you need help or something is wrong, my two assistants Sally and Maggy are always available in the town hall. ”Before the crowd could break up, he added:“ And please don't forget that everything is important on the notice board is noted for events. The summer farewell party will take place in a few days and I expect to see every single one of you there! "
    There was a controlling glow through the mayor's smiling face that hit everyone once before he turned, got off the box with Tanook's help, and the two of them got back to work.

    Your starting inventory consists of some money, your everyday clothes and smaller things that you need but cannot be purchased in this way in Auenfluss. Your houses are one-story with two rooms (a main room and a small room with a bathroom) and contain a bed, a bedside table with a candle on it, a small wardrobe and a cassette deck. The floor is made of wood, the walls have monotonous wallpaper. You can change the houses as you wish in the course of the game.
  • Ksodus

    With arms crossed over his chest, Ksodus listened to the mayor's address - no, he endured it. Grumpy as always, he was silent the whole time and, as soon as Mayor Turtwig had finished his speech, was almost the first to leave the station area to reach his house in the north-west of Auenfluss. After all, he had absolutely no desire to be involved in a conversation with anyone here. Fortunately, I took the house farthest from everyone else ...
    After a while, Ksodus reached the little hut that he was allowed to call his new home. Ouch ... I have to change a few things here ... Hmph! In a bad mood as always, he entered his new domicile.
  • Oblivio
    So now I was finally in the Auenfluss. I had just turned 21 when I got the report and decided to work as a temp at the city hall to steel my hands-on administrative skills. And now the time had come. I looked at the immediate area, the trees were apparently more massive than those I knew from my hometown. So this was real nature, not just the isolated charade of ornamental trees in a big city. Somehow I had imagined it to be like that, but now I wondered even more who and how my new neighbors were.
    Following what I wanted to do, I looked into the faces of the others, saw a sinister knogga, a frizzled Skuntank lady and other unique creatures. At first they all seemed to be very different, it was questionable whether I would get along with all of them, but it was just as much a challenge as I would have liked.
    I cleared my throat briefly, went to Turtwig and spoke as follows in slow, clear words: “Good afternoon, dear Mayor. I should get in touch as soon as I'm in town. I'm Oblivio and I'm supposed to start as your secretary ... as a temporary worker in the town hall. My question is straightforward, when should I start, whether I have anything special to consider and so on and so on and so forth. I already apologize once if I should disturb you a little now. I'm only so excited when they understand. "
  • Quay
    Tense and slightly shaky, I left the little station barn and had to hold my arm in front of my eyes to protect myself at the first ray of sunshine. I hated the sun. The sun was warm and bright. I knew that in some things I was acting contrary to my nature, but that's how I was.
    With my left, idle hand, I clutched my knee-length skirt and stupidly followed the crowd, which was slowly moving towards the stone town hall square. Sometimes I hated the fact that I couldn't sweat properly thanks to my fur, because all the heat was gathering uncomfortably under that thick layer of useless fur. Arrived at the village square, I placed myself a little away from the strange crowd of Pokémon and let my gaze wander a little uncertainly. I wondered how the time in Auenfluss would be, after all, I had to set up my own business here and with so many new faces, who were apparently also newbies, it couldn't be too easy, them for watches and little bells and whistles to inspire - at least that was revealed to me by a few glimpses of a Knogga.
    The Chelast, wrapped in a light suit, adorned with a top hat and leaning on a walking stick, began to address the crowd and gave us all a warm welcome. He pointed out that the houses we are about to move into were donated by the Wiesor next to him, and I suspected that he had to run the local corner shop. So I shouldn't be at war with him if I wanted to keep my home ...
    Last but not least, the mayor invited us to a summer party in a few days and made it clear that he hoped to find us all. That ruined my plan to work exclusively in my home, so that I could only dream that the said festival would take place in the dark in the evening. The crowd slowly dissolved. I turned on my heel, took the first step, and suddenly gave a startled cry. Immediately a shiver ran down my spine and I hoped I hadn't been heard, but that grimace that had hidden behind me was just horrible. A little goblin with tiny Zubat wings had dared to approach me and began to contort his face frighteningly and let out malicious giggles. I swallowed hard. The stay in the floodplain would be sheer horror ...
    I grabbed a skirt again, raised my right arm against the sun and just stomped off on it, through the goblin, which instantly turned into smoke and blurred. My pulse had doubled as a result of the shock, as had my walking pace, and panting slightly, I sprinted forward. After a few minutes I reached a bridge with a river flowing below it. I crossed it with wooden fingers and almost stormed towards my house that I could see a few meters away from me. My muscles tightened slowly and I accelerated my pace one last time, then the shadow of my house rose against the sun and I dropped my arm in relief. A few seconds later, I had already circled it and found myself in front of the entrance door. I took the key out of my pocket, put it in the lock and opened my home, which at first glance turned out to be a small but nice shack.
  • Selah

    So there was Selah now, listening to the old mayor. She nervously tugged at the end of her top and looked around. It was green everywhere and the sun was shining. A comforting feeling spread inside her. But before anyone spoke to her, she fled to her house. A long way to go, but she really wanted this house because she always wanted to hear the sound of the sea. And secretly it was her wish to fill the "island" with flowers.
    So she entered her new home. It was a little stuffy and dreary, but that could certainly be changed and so she opened the window first. The next thing Selah did was take a look out the window. So there was another one near her house. And behind the house there was enough space to grow flowers. With a smile on her face, she put her things away.

    Mayor Turtwig

    When someone spoke to the old mayor, he turned around. "Blue Rose!" he just said and with that Oblivio got the honor of being the first newcomer to be associated with a flower. "Oh, forgive me, he he huff." The Chelast cleared its throat. "Yes, I remember. Today it is already too late. Young hoppers like you surely want to make the opponents unsafe first! Come by tomorrow at 9 am at the town hall. Sally will then introduce you to your tasks. We will certainly be your help need good in planning for the feast, he he huff. "
  • Solitaire

    So it was a summer festival - and that hardly after we even got here, well there was a lot to prepare. I looked around briefly, because everything had still arrived, and made my way to my new domicile - in front of me a Vulpix was walking straight ahead, it seemed to live nearby. My house was one at the end of the village - with a slight slope for beds next to it, where I would certainly be able to grow many plants for the purpose of later harvest. But first I went briefly into the house. It was simple, but at least clean, something could be made of it.
    But I still had to have some tools and equipment, and since the mayor had pointed out the Wiesor, I just assumed that I would most likely get such material there. So I went straight to the store.
  • I had listened eagerly to the mayor's words. After he had finished, I didn't go straight to the house like the others, but instead went to the mayor.
    "Excuse me, before I arrived here, I took a job as a musician in the" Taubenschlag "cafe. I was supposed to play my harp here. Could I say when and how long to work?"

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  • Oblivio
    Blue rose, mmh?I wondered, but wouldn't dare to ask.
    I just nodded quickly and then replied to the old mayor's statement: “Okay, I'll come then, dear mayor, mmh. Then good luck with the mayor «
    Looking at him again, then turning around, I said goodbye and looked around. It was really very natural here, the air was clean and hardly anything seemed to be polluted by the modern world. First I walked around, touched some trees, but then noticed that my suit trousers were a bit dirty on the left leg. A fancy guy can't wear a dirty suit, mmh, I thought and blamed myself for my inattentiveness.
    So I quickly went home to clean my suit, stow my suits and keep everything safe. I was already excited to see what my new hostel would offer.
  • Mayor Turtwig

    The mayor had just said goodbye when the next one spoke to him. He nodded thoughtfully. "Well ... musicians are free artists. And art should be practiced always and everywhere. So you can choose it, my young pillow primrose, he he huff!" Perhaps that was not the answer that was expected of him, but he did not want to restrict an artist in his freedoms.


    After Selah had finally put everything in and moved the furniture according to her needs, she closed the windows and went out again. She breathed in the fresh breeze that came over from the sea. Then she looked sadly at the neighboring house. Maybe I should introduce myself ... isn't that important when you're new? She gritted her teeth and padded shakily to the house with number 8. Was anyone there already? She knocked cautiously.
  • Quay
    After a few curious looks, I entered the house and closed the door. The light stayed out. The windows are closed for the time being. Relieved to have finally left the sun, I closed my eyes and breathed in the scent of old furniture like the scent of flowers. I kept my eyes closed and slowly moved forward, arms more or less stretched out so that I could feel everything. I wanted to get away from the light that shone in through the window - I really needed curtains! - Don't be confused or dazzled, so that I preferred to rely on my well-developed sense of touch. You never knew what might happen if you looked too curiously into the lion cage ...
    I was just about to feel a small bedside table, on which there was obviously a small candle, it knocked quite softly. I winced and I couldn't help but shudder, but only a few seconds later it occurred to me that this wasn't a hallucination - this was a real visitor!
    I quickly opened my eyes and hastily turned around. I almost tripped over my feet, so that I "bumped" into the door more limping than walking gracefully. Damn it!, it flashed reproachfully through my head and I hoped fervently that my visitor hadn't heard that.
    Sighing, I grabbed the doorknob and slowly pulled the wooden door open. The incident sunlight blinded me at first, so I had to close my eyes, but I quickly recognized a clearing silhouette. I finally opened my eyes completely, even if it hurt a little, and saw a female, rather shy-looking Nidoran in front of me.
    "Ha-hello ...!" I said in amazement and immediately tried to put on a smile, which was more like an attempt not to look like a clown ...
    "B-are you ... II mean, are you ... new too ...?" I asked awkwardly, and uncertainly held out my paw to her in greeting.
  • Solitaire

    Fluttering, I reached the store that apparently belonged to the Why with the blue pants. I went in and looked around.
    "Hello ...? Tanook ...? I need some tools ... A spade, a rake, a watering can ... and seeds, do you have that? And later I'll need other things ... you provide all this stuff here, right? "
  • Sitara
    I wasn't a city kid, but this little place seemed as inhabited to me as a heating pipe. I let my gaze wander skeptically and sighed. Would anyone here even be interested in the fashion I designed? I quickly rummaged for the note that my bag had swallowed like a black hole, but finally caught it on the corner. Mina and Nina, so ...
    When the mayor fired us, I was amazed at how unmarked his speech had left me, but basically I just wanted to go to my house anyway ... to my home. The wooden frame whose door I finally dared to open was sparse but okay. If you wanted to build your own life, you shouldn't be picky!
    My things were unpacked quickly. I had left practically everything behind, if more reluctantly. Finally, I put up the picture of my family and tenderly stroked the frame. Even if I missed her terribly, it was the right decision.
  • Ksodus

    When Ksodus had closed the front door of his house behind him, he looked around and let the interior sink in. The Knogga wasn't exactly the type who complained about the wrong decoration. It was enough for him if the house fulfilled its function, and it seemed to do so. At least that was Ksodus's impression when he had looked around for a moment. He briefly stowed his things in the closet and then left his house. So that no uninvited guests ran into him, he locked it after stepping out.
    For the first time he let the city sink in. There was really a lot of grass here and every now and then you saw a few trees. However, some areas were only covered with earth or these areas were not covered with grass. The Knogga looked around briefly so that no one saw him either.When it felt unobserved, it breathed in the mild city air, which smelled very much of nature and forest. Fresh air rushed into his lungs, filling Ksodus with calm and serenity. After a short time he also let out the air he had inhaled. Then he put on his usual standard look - a scowl and grouchy expression - and strolled aimlessly through the city. Somehow it was pulling him in a southeasterly direction. There were some commercial buildings there. He passed a small pond and then found a small wooden house. In the background of this he recognized a larger house made of stone bricks. When Ksodus looked at the wooden house, he realized that it must be Tanook's shop. His coat of arms, the nibbled sheet that the Wiesor also wore on his apron, hung over the entrance to the building. I will definitely buy a shovel here at some point ... But first I want to take a look at the nature of the soil here. As soon as he was about to go on, he saw a resident approaching Tanook's shop from the southeast. Immediately, Ksodus turned and walked towards a slope, at the end of which he saw a building which on the outside was kept in an ancient Greek style. What might that be ...?


    When someone entered his shop, Tanook became aware and padded briskly to the Papinella, which was in his shop. With tired or bored eyes - you could never tell that exactly with him - he looked at his customer and greeted them. "Hello! Yes, tools and seeds are in stock. The selection is currently quite small, but you will certainly find something. The goods are here on the counter." With his outstretched arm he pointed to his modest and small counter, on which there were currently some seeds, which were packed in bags, small watering cans and simple spades.
    Tanook had an incredible knack for following his customers every step of the way while they were in his shop, so that he was always available to advise them whether they wanted to or not.