Is your pet your best friend

Love Your Pet Day: Facts About Four Paws Best Friend

Velvety soft paws, wet muzzles and the most faithful look in the world - who could resist that? We definitely can't - and that's why we are always happy when you bring your dogs with you on your vacation. We want to celebrate our love for animals on the worldwide "Love-Your-Pet-Day" - and share our dearest, cutest and funniest facts about the most loyal companions of humans with you!

  1. Dogs can dream

If a dog moves its paws or twitches while sleeping, then it is very likely that it is dreaming. Because dogs, like humans, have so-called REM phases in which they dream.

  1. Dogs can get jealous

Yes, they are so very similar to us. Even four-legged friends can feel jealous if they feel that they have been treated unfairly. Although this feeling is less pronounced with them than with us humans, it is still.

  1. Stroking dogs lowers blood pressure

It is scientifically proven that petting a dog has positive effects on health. It lowers blood pressure and heart rate, helping to reduce stress. In addition, walking regularly strengthens the immune system and the cardiovascular system.

  1. Dogs can recognize diseases

Due to their extremely well-developed sense of smell, the fur noses are able to absorb odors that are generated by tiny hormonal changes in the human body. Some of them indicate diseases. Sometimes our best friends on four paws discover faster than we do when something is wrong.

  1. There are left and right paws for dogs

Here, too, the resemblance to humans is amazing. Left-hand paws should be more creative and right-hand paws more statistical.

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But not only dogs, but also cats, hamsters, birds and gerbils beautify everyday life and put a smile on our faces. Pets are incredibly important to the human psyche and wellbeing. No later than For the worldwide "Love Your Pet Day", our cuddly soft companions deserve a little thank you and an extra helping of love - with an extra long caress or your favorite treats.

What would your pet be especially happy about?

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