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A fun game when you have unlimited gems

You might think golf is boring, but I can remember some golf games I loved like Tiger Woods PGA Tour and Mario Golf. While touchscreen devices seem perfect for a game like this, I still haven't played a great game of golf on my phone. Can Playdemic’s Golf Clash live up to expectations and become the best game on the market? In the following article we will learn where we can also find out about the Golf Clash Hack will speak.

The game is as simple as it can be and that is where the beauty of the game lies. Once you start the game it will take you through a tutorial to learn how to play it. The game method is pretty simple. You first see an overview of the course and choose the route that suits your ball. Of course, you won't be able to get a hole-in-one - it will take at least 3 or 4 strokes to be successful. Well, the main downside to this is that, like most other games, it is quite a demanding game to play with. And that's why we're going to talk about ways Jewels and coins free to purchase.


A look at the Golf Clash Hack

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So if you want to play the game properly without having to spend any money, use the button below to go to the Golf Clash Hack to get. The entire process takes place online so you don't have to download anything. It works for pretty much any mobile device running Android or iOS and is free to use. Just be careful not to abuse it as the servers can get overloaded.

The gameplay

Once you determine the route and distance of the ball, you will move to the Take Shot screen where you will attempt to take the shot. You have to set the desired strength by pulling the ball back towards the target that you noticed at the bottom of the screen. The place where you get the maximum power is clearly marked so you don't have to make any guesses. However, if you want to make a stronger shot, you can shoot past the sweetspot.

The trick is that it's a lot harder to control stronger shots. Once you've chosen the force you want, you'll see a target with a moving needle that you have to stop right in the middle. The needle would move much faster if you chose more force for the strike. Depending on where you stopped the needle, your shot can be perfect, great, good, or even cut or chipped. As soon as you stop the needle, the ball will be released. After that, all you can do is pray that you did everything right.

Not everything is easy

The strength of the wind change for each shot. This means that you need to make sure that you take them into account. Perfect strokes are only influenced by the wind, poorly controlled attempts can easily go in the wrong direction and end up in a sand trap or in the bushes.

While you may want to get more power on the first shot, you should be very careful on the following hits as you could easily underestimate how far the ball will go. Once you are near the hole, the controls for placing the ball will change. The logic stays pretty much the same as you have to pull the ball for energy and line up the two arrows for precision. The wind is there too, and the only difference is that you have a trail on the lawn that shows you the trajectory of the ball. When it comes to game mechanics, there is only one kind of Golf Clash Hack Apk to change.

Right in the golf course

After completing the tutorial, Golf Clash lets you immediately face an opponent so that you can see what a match looks like. There's no need to be nervous because the first opponent is actually a bot and he's only there to boost your confidence. Once you have your first win, you can face real opponents from all over the world.

Every match in the Golf Clash is the same. You only play one hole against a single opponent, and the winner is the participant who takes the fewest number of shots to catch the ball. When a tie occurs, the game takes you to a shootout where you have a shot to get the ball as close to the hole as possible.

Golf Clash Cheats, Tips and Tricks

It is very likely that players will be looking for all possible ways to get free gems and coins. That's because after the first few hours when better clubs show up, they realize that they'll never be able to buy them. Unless they put money into the game. But make no mistake, there aren't many ways to get around except with that currency Golf Clash Hack. So stop looking for some very well hidden secrets because you won't find any. The best thing you can do is test all the methods already available to see what works and what doesn't.

The matchmaking system

Besides playing online, you can also play against your friends. Which could be a great way to practice a little, especially considering that the game doesn't give you that chance. The lack of training mode (and the ability to play offline) can leave you standing like a fool on the track in the beginning. It can be particularly frustrating when you realize that a single mistake often makes the game go down. In fact, once you reach a certain level of experience, the chances are that the majority of your games will turn out to be a shootout where even a fraction of the yards can decide the winner.

It is important that there are no connection problems when playing. The game is pretty popular, there are thousands of players online any moment, but that doesn't cause any problems. But if you see your opponent disconnected, it's because they left the game and lost the match.


The matchmaking system could be a little better, however. The game uses the number of trophies you won during the game to determine your ranking and then compares you to an opponent. However, after taking four wins in a row and being very proud of my 12 trophies, I ran into a man who had 56 trophies and obviously a lot more matches under his belt. As a result, he used his experience to beat me and stop my winning streak. Every loss costs you coins and trophies, which means that without coins you won't be able to play in whatever tour you want for as long as you don't spend money, farm it, or use the golf classic. The point is, Playdemic could improve the game's pairing system to make matchmaking fair.

Gameplay is king, graphics are not so much

Golf Clash gives you the opportunity to test yourself on different tours (11 at the moment but I think they are adding new tours as we speak). A certain number of coins must be prepaid for each tour. If you win the match, you double the amount. Every win also earns you trophies that are used to increase and determine your placement. The tougher the tour, the more awards you will get. However, you can't play the starting tours forever as they only have a limited number of trophies to win. But what you can use forever is that Golf Clash Hack, no restrictions. Use it whenever you want and whenever you want.

Treasure chests

You can also win treasure chests with coins, diamonds, upgrade cards and other useful items. The chests can be made of wood, silver, gold, and platinum, and the higher their rank, the better awards you will get. However, the chests can only be opened after a certain period of time. So you need to be patient to receive your upgrades (or speed up the process by using the in-game currency). The coins and jewels are two in-game currencies that can be used to purchase new clubs and upgrade existing clubs, as well as to purchase individual ball packs. There are tons of clubs and balls to unlock, and you'll need them for advanced touring. When it comes to obtaining these chests, you can use the golf battle bridges to create gems and buy as many as you wish.

This chest system was ripped straight out of Clash Royale, but that's no surprise. There are many games that copy elements of this in the hopes that they will have the same success.

Unlike the gameplay, the graphics could use a lot of improvement. While the user interface is quite nice, the graphics could and should be better in matches. The textures are bad and the nature you see on the golf course such as B. Trees, is extremely detailed. The sound becomes a little repetitive and you will probably get tired of hearing “perfect!

last words

The Golf Clash's greatest strength is the addiction that you develop once you start playing. The controls are simple, but even a small mistake can lead to the game being lost, resulting in incredible tension. There are a ton of tours to take, as well as a ton of upgrade options, so you will have a ton of things to do in the game.

The game also comes with a couple of major drawbacks - the lack of offline gameplay and sub-par graphics and sound. Fortunately, the great gameplay, smooth controls, and the fact that it is addicting has made the game overcome these issues and worth checking out. The game is free and available on Android and iOS.