What is Vimeo

Vimeo is the US video portal that stands out from the mass of video platforms with its high-quality video content.

Like YouTube, it offers the ability to publish and edit video content. There is also the possibility to stream. With the on-demand offers, 90% of the profits are paid to the creators and 10% is paid to Vimeo. Although Vimeo is comparable to YouTube, the differences are very large. Vimeo, unlike YouTube, requires a user contribution if you want to publish your videos on a commercial basis. Vimeo is a portal that has made a name for itself for high-quality music videos, short films and documentaries, which are mostly created by artists. Since Vimeo requires a user contribution, video advertising is almost completely dispensed with.

Strict guidelines of the video portal Vimeo

The video portal is very strict when it comes to terms of use. Great importance is attached to the originality of the creators. The copyrights must belong to the publisher. The contributions themselves must be free of advertising and may not show any other recordings of games, music videos or other video content.

Reach of Vimeo

Vimeo is less interesting for creators who want to bring their content to the masses. It is also not the right platform if you produce content that comes from the hip and is not produced with high quality.

Vimeo can be compared to a collector's item, in which all details are lovingly appreciated and not the product is not the result of mass production. But you also have to be willing to pay for this.

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