Why did Quora block me

Hackers steal 100 million user data from Quora

After the successful break into the customer database of the hotel chain Marriott, the next big hacker attack is now following. The knowledge platform Quora confirms that previously unknown attackers have succeeded in gaining access to their own user accounts. A total of around 100 million users are said to be affected.


In a blog post, Quora points out that the break-in was only noticed on Friday. In this respect, the relevant investigations have not yet been completed. But it is already clear that the hackers had access to a wide range of data. This includes full names, email addresses and private messages to other users.

The users' passwords were also tapped, although according to Quora they were stored in encrypted form. The operator does not give exact details, but an individual "salt" is said to have been used for each user. If this is implemented correctly, the hackers should not be able to gain access to the real password phrases. Nevertheless, to be on the safe side, it is advisable to change the password to be absolutely sure - also on other pages, if you use the same password for login there.


There is good news at least for those who have decided to anonymously publish their answers to Quora. According to the platform operator, no data is actually stored here. This is important because anonymous postings are often used for sensitive topics.

Quora says that all affected users should be informed one by one. In addition, they should be logged out and their passwords should also be reset to be on the safe side. In general, we recommend using a password manager and using a separate passphrase for each online account. (apo, December 4, 2018)