Can an Anglo-Indian become president



Compiled by Malte Olschewski

1. = The most perfect poem =

1.1. = Our United States is like the most perfect poem ... / The ancient peoples over there / have grown tired over the water / And at the end of their wisdom / Well, we want to take on humanity / Eternal mandate = (Walt Whitman, most important US poet in = Leaves of Grass, 1855. Quoted from Henry Steele Commager: = The Spirit of America = p.51)

1.2. = The star of the East is sinking / His fame faded away / A world empire rises / In the sunset. = (The second US President, John Adams. Quoted from Henry Steele Com- mager, above. P.27)

1.3. = Providence wants these savages to be exterminated in order to make room for the true orderers of the earth. = (US ideologist and inventor Benjamin Franklin around 1790. Quoted from John Bigelow: = The Life of Benjamin Franklin = Philadelphia, 1893, p.380)

1.4. = Our strengths and their weaknesses are now so visible that we only need to close our hand to break them ... We will be forced to drive them out of the woods into the rocky mountains like the animals they, the wild animals, drift into the forests of the Rocky Mountains ... At the moment we have to live within our limits, but it is impossible not to look to the future in which we will colonize the whole of the northern, if not also the southern, continent. = ( The 3rd US President Thomas Jefferson, 1803. Quoted from Karlheinz Deschner: = The Moloch = p.69, and Rolf Winter: = Ami Go Home = p.56 )

1.5. = Indians are vicious in every sense of the word, more cruel and vicious than any other beast of the desert. = (US General George Custer. Quoted from Rolf Winter: = Ami Go Home! = P.144 )

1.6. = It is a certain fact that these tribes do not exist within our settlement areas and cannot be in constant contact with our citizens. They have neither the intelligence, the hard work nor the morals, nor the will to improve or change ... settled in the midst of a different and superior race and without understanding the reasons for their inferiority they must necessarily disappear. = (US President Andrew Jackson in a message to Congress on December 3, 1833. Quoted from = The Columbia World of Quotations = 1996)

1.7. = The more I got to know these reds, the more I come to the conviction that they must all be killed ... The deadliest weapon in the world is a US soldier with his rifle. = (US General William Sherman around 1866. Quoted from Rolf Winter: = Ami Go Home! = P.68 )

1.8. = Leaving the Indians their hunting grounds would have meant making our continent available to shaggy savages. The only alternative was to eradicate them ... Our large country is not an animal sanctuary for dirty savages = (Theodore Roosevelt, US President, 1905. Quoted from Rolf Winter: = Ami go Home! = P.55)

1.9. = The US has had the instinct of land greed in its blood for 400 years. They cannot imagine that there are nations that do not have it and that even then do not want land growth if they could get it. = (US President F.D. Roosevelt in a conversation around 1941)

2. = enlightenment through holy fire =

2.1. = God created the USA to light up the world ... We are a lighted city on the hill. The eyes of all people are on us. = (The founder of the Massachusetts Bay Company, John Winthrop, in a sermon around 1630. Quoted from = Oxford Dictionary of Quotations =)

2.2. = We are called to build a wall against the return of barbarism and ignorance. Old Europe will lean on our shoulders to hobble alongside us as best it can, chained to priests and kings ... The preservation of the sacred fire is entrusted to us through the world and the sparks that sparkle from it , will always serve to kindle it in other areas of the world .... The tree of freedom has to be doused with the blood of patriots and tyrants from time to time. This is its natural fertilization. = (US President Thomas Jefferson in 1779 and on 11/13/1787. Quoted from = Oxford Dictionary of Quotations = p. 364)

2.3. = To adapt the principles of the Old World for tender America would be the same as chiseling the wrinkles of old age on the blossom of youth and planting the grain of decadence in a strong body. = (The US historian and lexicon editor Noah Webster around 1880. Quoted from Joachim Fernau: = Hallelujah = p.185)

2.4. = We represent a unique people, the people of Israel in our time. We carry the ark of the freedoms of this world .... We are the pioneers of the world. The Lord God destined our people for great things. Mankind expects great things from us. We feel great things in the soul. The other races will soon fall behind. We are a vanguard marching through unexplored wilderness = (US writer and author of = Moby Dick =, Hermann Melville. Quoted from Rolf Winter: = Ami Go Home = p. 55)

2.5. = The first community (in the USA) ... was the New Jerusalem. She was Zion and her people were the chosen people ... The myth of uniqueness brought with it the myth of superiority. = (The historian Henry Steele Commager in = The American Spirit =, quoted from Rolf Winter: = Ami Go Home = p.43)

2.6. = The myth America says that we are the chosen people, blessed by God, and that we act as his agents on this earth. = (The Havard historian Paul D. Erickson, quoted from Rolf Winter: = Ami Go Home = p.43)

2.7. = Why has Jesus Christ not yet been able to get the world to follow his guidance? Because he came up with an ideal but didn't show any practical ways ... So I propose a practical scheme ... I know that the whole world will lose its heart if America refuses to show it the way ... That The goal is clear ... the hand of God has guided us. We can't go back. We can only move forward, our eyes raised, our minds refreshed ... America should really show the way. America was created to lead the world. = (US President Woodrow Wilson, 1918. Quoted from Rolf Winter: = Ami Go Home = p.52)

2.8. = The USA has been destined to be the only idealistic nation on earth and has been given the privilege to save the world ... Go out into the world, sell goods with which the world can become happier. Convert the world to American principles! = (US President Woodrow Wilson in front of entrepreneurs in the White House. Quoted from Rolf Winter: = Ami Go Home = p. 45)

2.9. = Behind the official government in the USA there is always a secret government: a clan of rats who live in a twilight of law and illegality. = (Max Lerner in = America As A Civilization = S.384)

3. The original text of the Destiny Manifesto

3.1 = It is the right of our manifest destiny to expand and to own the whole continent that providence has given us for the development of the great experiment of freedom. It is the same right that allows a tree to take from the air and earth the space it needs to fully develop its principle and destiny in growth ... America is chosen for good deeds. It is our incomparable fame that we have no memory of battlefields, but always fought in defense of humanity and for the oppressed of all nations ... Our history does not describe scenes of terrible bloodbaths, since men on the orders of a few hundred Fools, conquering kings and noble demons butchered each other ... We have no interest in these ancient scenes unless they serve as a deterrent ... Our arena is the expanding future that we see as empty space in the Entering the name of God's truth ... We are the nation of human progress, and Providence marches by our side ... This vast and limitless future will be the era of American greatness. In their marvelous rule over time and space, this nation of many nations is destined to reveal the glory of the divine principle to mankind and to erect the noblest temple on earth that has ever been erected in worship of the Supreme Being. The foundations of this temple will be an entire hemisphere. Its roof is the starry sky. His believers will be a community of many republics with many hundreds of millions of happy people who know no lords and rulers, but are ruled by God's natural and moral laws of equality ... For this blessed mission and message to the world America has been chosen in which people are excluded from the life-giving light of truth. And this great example is supposed to crush all tyrants, kings and hierarchs. It is supposed to bring the joyful waves of peace and goodwill to where myriads have to lead a life that equals that of wild animals. Who can ever doubt that our country is destined to become the greatest nation of the future ... =
(Excerpt from the version of = Manifest Destiny = by the politician and publicist John O 'Sullivan, 1839. Quoted from = The Great Nation of Futurity = in = The United States Democratic Review = Vol. 6, Issue 22, p. 426)

4. = slavery is not bad =

4.1. = This republic was born from the soul of a race of pioneers. White, free men have built an altar in the middle of a cathedral of forest for freedom and progress. No Negro in history has dreamed such a dream ... The white race is inherently superior to Africans. Negroes are incapable of competing with whites. Hence, it is in their best interest to be servants. In the south they are fortunate enough to get more of their work than any untrained worker elsewhere. = (Southern Senator Robert Toombes, 1856. Quoted from Ira Calvin: = The Lost White Race = p.62 f.)

4.2. = I doubt that the man with the head that looks like a coconut, that the chocolate-colored nigger who shines my shoes every morning, is ripe for our civil rights. (US Senator James Vardaman from Missisippi around 1860. Quoted from Rolf Winter: = Ami Go Gome! = P.50 )

4.3. = I am as little advocating today as I was before that social and political equality should be brought about in any form between the black and white races ... I am against making negroes into voters and jury members, declaring them suitable, offices to lead and marry white women. There is a physical difference between the two races that will forever prevent blacks and whites from living with one another on the basis of social and political equality ... The white race has a superior position. = (US presidential candidate Abraham Lincoln on September 15, 1858 in debate with Stephen Douglas. Quoted from = The Collected Work of Abraham Lincoln = 1953, Vol. 3, p.145 f.)

4.4. = Slavery is the best guarantee for the equality of whites. Slavery is positive, it is not bad. The races cannot live together in peace ... other than under the present order ... Each plantation is a small community with its master at the head. = (US Secretary of State John Calhoun, 1844. Quoted from Rolf Winter: = Ami Go Home! = P.49)

4.5. = Young, strong, willing, willing, submissive, trained, benign, very obedient, suitable for breeding purposes, guaranteed fertile. = (Newspaper advertisement before the sale of slaves around 1830)

4.6. = A young slave has the same rank as any other animal! = (From a South Carolina court judgment, 1809)

4.7. = They eat each other lunch in the country they come from. = (US President Ronald Reagan, 1988. Quoted from Paul R. Erickson = Reagan Speaks =)

5. = Imbezilian, degenerate and torn! =

5.1. = More land! More land for the young American buffalo! He hasn't had enough of it yet ... We have to give him Oregon for summer pasture and Texas for winter quarters. His race also needs salt ... We have salt in both oceans ... The Pacific and Atlantic should be his ... And he will not end his course before he can quench his thirst in the Arctic Ocean. = (Speaker at the 1844 New Jersey Democratic Convention. Quoted in A.K. Weinberg: = Mani-Fest Destiny = p. 119)

5.2. = The people of the Amazon are imbecile and ignorant. They should make way for American citizens from the free and slave-owning states who would settle here with their property and their slaves. Therefore this stream must be revolutionized, republicanized and Anglo-Saxonized. = (The US naval theorist Matthew Maury, 1850. Quoted from William Goetzmann: = New Lands, New Men = p. 338)

5.3. = Texas has now been united with the USA. This is an inevitable fulfillment of the avalanche that is sending our people westward ... Texas has broken away from Mexico in a law of nature. Hence its separation from Mexico is perfectly legitimate and on the part of the US without any fault ... The incorporation of Texas was not only inevitable, it was the most natural right in the world and the only possible solution ... California will soon follow and from one Imbecile and torn Mexico fall away, which has never brought about any government there ... The Anglo-Saxon foothold is already stepping on the borders of California. A population in California will soon be able to end all stupid dreams of Mexican rule. = (Editorial in the = Democratic Review = from 1845)

5.4. = We are a conquering race ... We have to obey our blood in order to take possession of new markets and, if necessary, new territories .... According to the plan of the Almighty, fallen civilizations and rotting races must in favor of higher civilization , of the nobler and more masculine type of human being are disappearing ... The Philippines belong to us forever ... And beyond the Philippines the immeasurable markets of China are opening up! = (US Senator Albert Beveridge in front of the US Congress on January 9, 1900. Quoted from Karlheinz Deschner: = Der Moloch = p. 18 and p. 157)

5.5. = I didn't want the Philippines and when it came to us as a gift from God I didn't know what to do ... I walked through the corridors of the White House until midnight ... I'm not ashamed to tell you that I fell on my knees and begged Almighty God for enlightenment and advice .... I had no choice but to take the Philipines, educate their people, uplift them and civilize them .... God has the USA is obliged to bring the blessings of a truly Christian culture closer to the Filipinos, who were dumbfounded and degenerated under the Spanish government ... With God's grace we want to do the best for them, because they are human too. And Christ died for them too. After this prayer, I went to bed to sleep. And I slept well. = (US President William McKinley before the US attack on Manila in 1898. Quoted from Thomas Bailey: = A Diplomatic History of the American People = p.434)

5.6. = So America will soon see the world at its feet. The American Constitution will increasingly be seen as a pattern that new nations will adopt ... (US steel magnate Andrew Carnegie in = The Triumphant Democracy =, 1886)

5.7. = California is the young queen of the Pacific ... The world does not know of a more glamorous throne of an empire like this ... The nation living there must rule the realm of the sea, which alone is a real empire ... Central America will come to the USA If the ever increasing expansion of the American people to the west and south continues ... Mexico City would be an excellent place for the capital of the American Empire ... The destiny of our people lets its waves against the icy barriers of the north and north roll against the oriental civilizations on the other side of the Pacific ... The USA may give me fifty, forty or only thirty more years of life and I want to give them the possession of the whole continent and control of the world = (US Secretary of State William Seward in speeches, quoted from Walter Lafeber: = The New Empire = p.28f., And from Thomas Bailey: = A Diplomatic History of the American People = p.300)

5.8. = Peaceful courtship for Canada will one day lead to a happy marriage ... We need a place in the middle of the ocean between our Pacific coast and the vast domains of Asia ... Hawaii's islands are the themophyls of the Pacific = (US Secretary of State Hamilton Fish 1875 in Allan Nevins = Hamilton Fish = New York, 1936. Quoted from Walter Lafeber: = The New Empire = p. 33)

5.9. = Today the USA is practically the sovereign on this continent and its will is law. = (US Secretary of State Richard Olney in a note to London, quoted from John Fagg: = Latin America = p. 618)

5.10. = This infernal Cuban republic annoys me so much that I would like to wipe its inhabitants off the face of the earth ...All we have left is intervention, which will immediately convince the suspicious idiots in South America of ... our hunger for land ... (US President Theodore Roosevelt to Ambassador Henry White on September 13, 1906. Quoted from = Roosevelt Papers =, Library of Congress)

6. = March into a clean world! Amen! =

6.1. = A higher power directed America's expansion. She watches over us and guides us towards our goal. She drives us forward and has chosen our great and happy country as a model for all nations of the world. = (Robert Walker, US Treasury Secretary, 1847. Quoted from Rolf Winter: = Ami Go Home = p.50)

6.2. = Enlarge, increase and also expand: That is the law according to which this nation came into existence. We cannot allow this great republic to be limited by mere borders. = (US presidential candidate Stephen Douglas, 1860. Quoted from Rolf Winter = Ami Go Home = p.50)

= God ... made us the top organizers in the world, so that we can create order where chaos reigns. He enabled us to rule so that we could lead the barbaric and senile peoples. Without such a force the world would sink back into barbarism and power. Of all races, God has made the American people his people who will finally restore the world ... American law and order, American civilization and his flag will rule over previously bloody and blackened coasts. = (US Senator from Indiana, Albert Beveridge, 1898. Quoted from Rolf Winter: = Ami Go Home = p.53)

6.3. = God of the free, we pledge our hearts and our lives to the cause of all free humanity. Our earth is only a small star in the universe, but we can ... turn it into a planet that will never be plagued by war ... In this sense, let's march towards the clean world. Amen. = (US President F.D. Roosevelt on = Day of Nations =. Quoted from Joachim Fernau: = Hallelujah = p.296).

6.4. = 300 years expansion was the dominant factor in American life ... These energies did not come to a standstill when they reached the Pacific, but will continue increasingly in other directions ... America would stagnate without the economic power of expansion into free areas ... = (Frederick Jackson Turner in = The Frontier in American History =, New York, 1920. Quoted from Walter La Feber: = The New Empire = p. 70)

6.5. = Who rules over the sea rules over trade: Who rules over trade rules over the riches of the world and ultimately over the world itself = (US Senator Gilbert Pierce on September 3, 1890 before the Congress Quoted from Walter La Feber: = The New Empire = p. 117)

6.6. = The west will become the greatest empire. Other nations will bring their gifts to the cradle of the young empire of the west, just as they once brought the three kings to the cradle of Jesus ... The Anglo-Saxons with their pure Christianity must use the genius of colonization to go down to Mexico and on to To march Central and South America, across the islands in the sea to Africa and beyond ... Although we are the chosen people, we cannot safely complete our mission = (The preacher and US ideologist Josiah Strong in = Our Country = New York, 1885. Quoted from Walter LaFeber: = The New Empire = p.74)

6.7. = We must have the power to set up blockades ... We must be able to attack the enemy's own coasts. The ocean will be the future throne of the empire. And we shall rule over the sea as surely as the sun rises ... = (US Navy Secretary Benjamin Tracy 1890 in = Proceedings of the US-Naval Institute = p. 201 ff. In = Benjamin Tracy Papers = in Library of Congress =. Quoted from Walter LaFeber: = The New Empire =, p.123)

6.8. = We need a fleet that can strike Bermuda, the Caribbean, Halifax and all the waters there ... = (US Senator Eugene Hale from Maine before the 1889 Congress. Quoted from Walter LaFeber: = The New Empire = p. 125)

6.9. = Cuba is like an apple that, when torn away by the storm, follows the laws of gravity and falls to the USA = (US Secretary of State John Qincy Adams around 1820. Quoted from Walter Lafeber: = The New Empire = p.4) =

6.10. = Europe's inability is forcing America to either take the lead or to come to terms with a new, dark Middle Ages .... The only peace we are interested in is a Pax Americana, in exactly the same sense in which it is once gave a Pax Romana and Pax Britannica = (The journalist Rubin Grotesky in Current History from June 1941)

7. = beacon for the whole world! =

7.1. = We are the heirs of western civilization ... We have to be the power plant from which the ideals spread over the world ... The USA has technicians, scientists, road builders, educators and filmmakers (= movie men =) in the whole Sending the world to lead and civilize humanity ... The US must become the Good Samaritan of the globe ... In 1919 we had the golden opportunity to take over the leadership of the entire world. We rejected this opportunity ... The 20th century world must transform itself into an American century if it is to live healthy and vigorous ... There is already tremendous American internationalism. American jazz, Hollywood films, American slang, American machines and canned food are in fact the only ones that every community in the world from Zanzibar to Hamburg unanimously recognizes. Without our intending to be, we are already a world power in all trivial matters. = (US newspaper magnate Henry Luce in = The American Century =, New York, 1941)

7.2. = America is a culture in its own rights with characteristic forces and its own meaning which is on a par with Greece and Rome as one of the great civilizations = (Harvard professor and author Max Lerner in = America as a civilization = 1958, p. 59)

7.3. = The USA is the bright beacon of hope for the whole world ... You have the right to moral leadership of this planet. = (US President John F. Kennedy in his inauguration speech of January 20, 1961, quoted from = Oxford Dictionary of Quota-tions = p.393)

7.4. = God pours his grace on this land. He always looks at us. He leads us as the land of promise ... This specially chosen land is the last great hope of man on earth ... It is the land that was never destined to be second best ... It is a golden hope for them Humanity ... Perhaps, when we pray, we can also ask that the others have something that they can celebrate in a similar way. = (US President Ronald Reagan in his inauguration speech on January 20th, 1981, quoted from Rolf Winter: = Ami Go Home = p.43)

7.5. = This nation under God can give the world more ... than other peoples: We can give the world spiritual guidance ... Whether we like it or not: We have been asked to lead the world ... = (US President Richard Nixon, quoted from Rolf Winter: = Ami Go Home = p. 54)

8. = Greed is healthy! =

8.1. = Civilization and profits go hand in hand ... America's business is business ... Cleverness means wealth and wealth is the main purpose of man ... Whoever builds a factory builds a temple. Anyone who works there is in a service! = (US President Calvin Coolidge, speeches in New York 1920 and 1925. Quoted from Max Lerner: = America as a Civi-lization = p. 8)

8.2. = By the way, it's okay to be greedy. Greed is healthy ... You can be greedy and still have a good conscience ... The winner is always whoever has the most on the day of death. = (Punter Ivan Boesky in front of students in Ber-keley. Quoted from Rolf Winter: = Ami Go Home = p.269)

8.3. = Profits should have the rank of such sacred terms as home or mother! = (The head of the Unon Oil Company, Cy Rubel. Quoted from Karlheinz Deschner: = The Moloch = p. 89)

8.4. = Take what you can only take and take it as long as the opportunity is there = (John Brademas, President of New York University, around 1960. Quoted from Karlheinz Deschner = Der Moloch = p.14)

8.5. = If a country has an economic level and a middle class with an appetite for McDonalds, it becomes a McDonalds country. People in McDonald's states no longer wage wars. They line up to buy hamburgers. (US columnist Thomas Friedman in = The Flexus and the Olive Tree =)

9. = War is healthy! =

9.1. = Speak gently, but always carry a club with you! Then you can go far! = (US President Theodore Roosevelt in a speech in Chicago on April 3rd, 1903. Quoted from = Oxford Dictionary of Quotations = p. 546)

9.2. = When people take up arms to free other people ... then the crusade is holy and blessed. I don't want to call for peace as long as there is sin and evil in the world. = (US President Woodrow Wilson, 1915. Quoted from Karlheinz Deschner: = The Moloch = p.17)

9.3. = Every future dictator must realize that there is no military shortcut to become a modern state. Not a detour to avoid the tough economic development. That power and respect ultimately come from the ability to create wealth ... Creation of wealth and the New World Order require calm and legitimacy ... The New World Order is not built on the abstract principles of international law, but on the foundations of liberal democracy and the free market .. Towards a world that is democratic and capitalist. We see a global victory for liberal democracy. A liberal democracy that wages a short, determined war every 20 years in defense of its freedom and independence would be far healthier and happier than a democracy that knows nothing but lasting peace ... The US is much healthier than Europe. = (The US-Japanese and globalization theorist Francis Fukuyama: = Changed Days for Ruritanias Dictators = in = The Guardian = from 8.4.1991 and in = The End of History =).

9.4. = Saddam wanted to extend his tyranny over the Middle East and has been repulsed. He has failed to reach for the world's oil supplies. We foiled his plans to wage a nuclear war against Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel or any other possible adversary ... Future enemies will learn from this war. Some may be deterred by the punishment of Iraq ... Whatever happens, we need first quality forces to deter aggressors and defend our interests ... However much we want a just peace, the time is coming come because a future president has to send young Americans somewhere in the world and into war ... (The then Secretary of Defense and later Vice President Dick Cheney in = Final Report To Congress: The Conduct of the Persian Gulf War = Washington, April 1992).

9.5. = The US must convince potential rivals to stop striving for a larger role ... Advanced nations should be prevented from challenging our leadership and ... disrupting the current order ... The US should be ready to act alone and independently if joint action cannot be achieved ... We must not forget the threat to stability in Europe from a nationalist setback in Russia that could lead to the re-conquest of the newly independent republics ... American strategic weapons should therefore continue to focus on vital aspects of the former military establishment of the Soviet Union. The US should not think about withdrawing its nuclear air capacity in Europe ... In view of a possible recurrence of a Russian threat, we should plan defense forward and on the territories of Eastern Europe ... The US should think about similar things with the Warsaw Pact countries To make security alliances like with Saudi Arabia ... In Asia, the US must be vigilant about the possible destabilization that could be triggered by a bigger role of previous allies like Japan or Korea ... = (The Pentagon planner and later Deputy Defense Minister Paul Wolfowitz in the secret = Defense Planning Guidance =. Quoted from = New York Herald Tribune = from 9.3.1992: = Pentagons New Word Order: US to Reign Supreme =).

10. = Enlighten the world with our culture! =

10.1. = No nation or group of nations is expected in the near future to step forward and declare leadership. At the dawn of the 21st century, the US will continue to be the world's best and last hope ... We saved Europe and we defeated polio. We landed on the moon and we enlightened the world with our culture. We are now standing before the beginning of a new century and ask ourselves: What name will this century have? And I say it will be a second American century ... Our victory taught a dangerous dictator and all those who want to succeed him one thing: America has a new credibility. What we say, we mean. Victory was not an attempt to wage a war to end all wars. Even a New World Order cannot establish an era of permanent peace .. = (Speech excerpts from US President George Bush sr. Quoted from = Time = No. 13/1991, New York)

11. = Fucking Asshole! BOOM! Holy Shit! =

11.1. = Smoke hard, Saddam! ... Here is a 300 pound kiss for Your ass, Saddam! ... Troops are running there like sheeps! ... Say Hello to Allah! ... We killed stuff that was blind to us shooting blind men in the dark ... Splash! Splash! Targets destroyed ... Bend over, Saddam! ... Bombing is better than Fucking! Suck hard, Saddam! ... That put the shit out of him! This will burn Your mustache, Saddam! ... Bite the desert, Ali! ... Black cockroaches down there ... Baghdad lit up like a Christmas Tree ... Bingo! May Allah help You now! .. Here is a shortcut to hell ... Down Your throat, Saddam! Fucking the desert! ... On Your knees, Saddam! ... Bingo! Game over! ... = (Malte Olschewski TV video library: cassettes 5, 6 and 17 = Kuwait War = with timecode 00:01:51, as well as 1:00:54 and 1:43:01. Writings on missiles and untranslatable exclamations from American pilots while destroying targets)

11.2. = Bushs Jedi Knights were on their way ... Ride on Regulators! (Regulators = paid killers in the Wild West) ... Now let's go find Bin Laden and cut his fucking balls of ... Smart munitions are science. We apply art ... BOOM! The bomb hit dead on as body parts and turbans flew in the air. BOOM! ... Allah would have run out by virgins by now ... The AQ (Al Qaida) guard's head exploded in a beautiful mist of liquid red ... It was time to unass the AQ ... Landingzone Lovelace would not be so hot as Linda Lovelace, the star of = Deep Throath = (Ein Pornofilm) ... I don't give a fuck, what Your problem is, motherfucker! Listen, You fucking asshole ... The 10th Mountain Division would focus on battle positions or objectives Heather Ginger and Eve, named after pornostarlets ... Holy Shit! Unfucking-believable ... It's like fucking Disneyland ... (Untranslatable exclamations or statements by the American Special Forces during operations in Afghanistan in 2001 according to recordings by their chronicler Robin Moore in = The Hunt for Bin Laden = Ballantines / New York / 2003)

12. = Bushism = in the original language

12.1. = Everyone misundererstimated me! = (Untranslatable new creation by Bush in Bentonville, November 6, 2000)

= It is in the family in which our nation finds hope and in which the wings carry dreams. = (La Crosse, October 18, 2000)

= I know that human beings and fish can coexist peacefully. = (Saginaw, September 29, 2000)

= I will initiate a foreign policy foreign policy. = (Redwood, September 27, 2000)

= No questions now neither in English, French or Mexican = (Bush jr. at a meeting with Canada's Prime Minister Chretien on April 21, 2001)

= I know what I believe in. I will keep saying what I believe in and I believe what I believe is right. = (Rome, July 22, 2001)

= We have talked about Africa for a long time. Africa is a nation suffering from terrible diseases. = (After a conference with European heads of government on June 14, 2001)

= I believe that the unrest in the Middle East will lead to further unrest in the entire region. = (Washington, March 13, 2001)

= The problem with the French is that they don't have their own word for entrepreneur. = (Undated message to British Prime Minister Blair about the weakness of the French economy)

= And so in my state to the Union - er! - in my message to the state or in my speech to the nation - whatever you should call it - I asked the Americans to say 4,000 years, no, 4,000 hours during the next , no, to sacrifice the rest of their lives to serve the nation. = (Bridgeport, April 9, 2002)

= The war on terror is against Saddam, because the nature of Saddam and his life show his will to terrorize himself. = (Grand Rapids, 1/29/2003)

= If we use military force, one possible way would be for the UN to definitely want to do something after Saddam. In this way the UN could put its feet back in Iraq to regain the feet of accountability. = (Azores, March 16, 2003)

(Excerpts from various publications of = Bushism =. Soon after he took office, his speeches and interviews made it clear that Bush Jr. Had deficits in education, knowledge and intellect. American media described him as = stupidest president = in US history. His speeches and interviews were followed with increased attention. Several books on Bush's original tones have appeared)

13. = axis of cabbage and cheese =

13.1. = The Germans are only there for America to fertilize the soil. They come over, till the land, and then lie down to become a piece of green lawn themselves. That is their cultural task for America. = (The philosopher and poet Ralph Waldo Emerson quotes from Joachim Fernau: = Hallelujah = p.130) =

12.2. = The smell of collaboration and cowardice! ... Krauts and cheese eaters! ... An axis of weasels and cowards! .. Euroide! Euronuchen! Euroweenies! ... Cheese-eating surrender monkeys = (Names of American journalists for French and Germans after the rejection of the Iraq war)

12.3. = They are chickens. We are hawks! = (Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld on Europe, 2003).

12.4. = Business Wants War: Will a quick war bring recovery to the economy? = (Title of the US news magazine = Newsweek = from 02/10/2003)

12.5. = The new, important Europe lies in the east with the new NATO members. I do not shed tears for the old rulers of old Europe. When a country doesn't agree with us! To hell! This has happened many times in history! = (US Secretary of War Donald Rumsfeld on Dutch TV. Quoted from = Spiegel = No. 5/2003)

12.6. = Europe is entering a post-historical paradise of peace and relative wealth ... The US, on the other hand, is looking into the face of history ... That is why the Americans are descended from Mars, and the Europeans from Venus ... = (US ideologist Robert Kagan in = Power and Weakness = in = Policy Review =, June 2002)

13. = The USA is the home of God =

13.1. = The USA is the home of God ... I pray that Almighty God ... will destroy our enemies forever and pour out his blessings on our President, friend and fellow Texan, George Bush. = (Baptist preacher Andrew Stewart in Midland, Texas, home of Bush Jr.)

13.2 = Islam is an extremely evil and reprehensible religion ... We did not attack it. Islam attacked us. = (Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham and religious advisor to Bush Jr.) =

13.3. = 9/11 is a punishment for the Americans having raised their fists against God and shouting: God out of our government, out of our business and out of our sales markets! = (Billy Graham's daughter, Anne Graham Lotz, on CBS on 11/13/2001) =

13.4. = Christianity was founded by our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God born of a virgin. Islam, on the other hand, was founded by Mohammed, a demon-possessed pedophile who had twelve wives. The last one was a nine year old girl ... And I tell you, Allah is not Jehovah. Jehovah has not yet turned anyone into a terrorist. I believe that we are currently seeing the beginning of the war that will lead to the Antichrist, Armageddon and the return of Christ. = (Baptist preacher Jerry Vines in Jacksonville, Florida, 2003)

14. = We fight out of charity! =

14.1. = I pray for guidance and forgiveness. And I ask the kind and generous Almighty to accept my thanks ... God has called us to defend our country and lead the world to peace ... There is only one reason why I am here in the Oval Office and not in a bar. I found faith. I found God ... Jesus is the most important political philosopher because he helped me stop drinking ... An angel rides in the whirlwind of the world to command the storms ... I asked the religious radio stations, the armies of mercy so that we can change America, heart for heart, soul for soul ... The freedom we praise is not just America's gift to the world, it is God's gift to all ... It is a miraculous one Power in the kindness, idealism and faith of the American people ... We are a compassionate country and generous to our fellow citizens. And we are a brave country, ready to defend the peace if necessary ... The terrorists hate the idea that in this great country we worship God Almighty as we please. And what makes them angrier is that we will not change ... If war is forced upon us, America's forces will act in the glorious tradition and highest moral traditions of our country ... God has called us to our country to defend and lead the world to peace. We will approach both challenges with courage and confidence ... If we fight against Iraq, then it will be about making the world more peaceful ... May the God of love behind all life and history lead us. We fight out of charity ... =

(Mixed quotes from speeches and interviews of US President George Bush Jr. after 9/11/2001).