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Literature for electrical engineering studies

When it comes to starting salaries for graduates, electrical engineering students are regularly in the top positions. This is not only due to the prevailing shortage of skilled workers. After such a demanding course of study, you can certainly ask for a corresponding salary. So that the start in electrical engineering does not become a test of nerves, Uniturm has a few literature recommendations for the beginning of your studies.

General literature for studying electrical engineering

eBook "The easy entry into electrical engineering and electronics" by Bo Hanus - 19.95 euros

The easy entry into electrical engineering and electronics is particularly interesting for young people who are flirting with their studies and want to get more information. Hanus conveys the topic with many examples and in a visually varied manner, instead of overwhelming the reader with text wastes. However, the book is really only recommended as an introduction to the topic, as it does not go into enough detail for the study.

"Basics of electrical engineering: the tried and tested textbook for students of electrical engineering and other technical courses from the 1st semester" by Gert Hagmann - 24.95 euros

Hagmann's book "Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering" is much more suitable for freshmen. The book is now in its 13th edition and has proven itself as a basis for studying electrical engineering for many students. From direct current technology to magnetic fields to network calculations, all aspects of the topic are explained in an understandable way. In addition, it also functions as an extensive collection of formulas for preparing for the first exams.

"Collection of exercises on the fundamentals of electrical engineering" by Gert Hagmann - 24.95 euros

This collection of electrotechnical exercises is the ideal addition to Hagmann's basic book. Here you get a lot of exercises in the most important areas of electrical engineering, which increase in difficulty. So you can check yourself at any time during your studies and stay on top of the topic permanently. It is a perfect basis for the exams anyway.

"Electrical engineering: a basic textbook" by Dieter Zastrow - 34.99 euros

A good alternative to Hagmann's work is the book Elektrotechnik by Dieter Zastrow. In addition to the theoretical basics, Zastrow's work is more practice-oriented. With 141 teaching examples and 224 exercises (including solutions), it is not only ideal for self-study, but also as a very good, practical exam preparation in the first semesters.

"Electrical engineering" by Manfred Albach - 49.95 euros

Albachs electrical engineering by Pearson is a standard work in the teaching of electrical engineering. It is divided into two parts, direct current and alternating current (which are also available as individual volumes) and covers all subject areas that are in demand in the first semesters. Theoretical basics, methods, formulas - here the student receives an extensive compendium that is wonderfully suitable for accompanying the first semester.

"Table book electrical engineering XXL: Tables - formulas - standard applications" - 28.30 euros

Anyone who knows the tables from school can imagine what to expect in the electrical engineering table book - only much more detailed and extensive. On 536 pages, the electrical engineering student will find everything he needs to accompany his studies and to prepare for the exams. The book of tables is not only suitable as basic literature because it offers detailed technical explanations, but above all as a companion for the entire course of study. A reference work that leaves nothing to be desired.

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