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Software developer - programmer - IT specialist - details on training, studies, job description, salary and application

At the beginning of the 90s, still completely unknown and of little importance, software development has become a fixture within the university and the world of work. The digital age, the Internet and, last but not least, the personal computer are responsible for this.

Hardware has been an aspect of technological development in recent years, but of course no hardware will work without the right software. In the beginning there was the binary code as the basis of every programming, because every programming language is based on two numbers - from 0 and 1.

Software developers use existing programming languages ​​such as Java, C ++ or others to create certain programs with this language that are supposed to take on certain tasks and functions. Test environments are an important tool for programmers.

Programmers mostly find jobs on the job market in so-called software and system houses, where they solve special problems. Software developers usually work in teams. In addition, however, a number of Internet companies, public institutions and the military also offer professional prospects.

Salary as a software developer or programmer

The salary as a software developer depends on qualification, professional experience, area of ​​responsibility, but also on the degree of specialization. The job is paid well to very well depending on the area of ​​application and the industry.

Software developers can also be self-employed and act as service providers, with fees of EUR 100 per hour or more being the rule here.

Anyone who earns their salary in an employee relationship, which is based on collective bargaining principles, can earn between approx. EUR 3,300 and EUR 3,800 gross per month in this profession. Often, however, the earnings as a programmer are significantly higher.

Study, training or further education as a software developer

The job titles software developer or programmer are more colloquial and are used in public for graduates of computer science studies. In fact, a software developer is a real further training program of the IHK according to the IT advanced training ordinance. The entry requirements can be very different subjects and apprenticeships.

The training is designed for 1 year and is usually part-time. In the IT-Fortbildungsverordnung (IT-FortbV), training is defined as the lowest form, above which are the operational and strategic professionals.

No money is paid for the training, usually the employer pays for the maintenance, as well as for the costs of the training. In other words, it is often an employer-financed further training course.

The IT specialist offers alternative training, which is offered as a three-year dual vocational training course. (See video)

Undoubtedly one of the most wanted jobs in recent years. The earning potential is very good. Probably one of the few professions that have not suffered from globalization and the world economic crisis.

Features and requirements for software developers

Above all, software developers need a technical understanding of information technology interrelationships. This is the basic requirement, in addition to mastering the common and used programming languages.

As a rule, programmers deal with problems that need to be solved. For this reason, analytical and solution-oriented thinking is very important in everyday professional life.

Good communication skills in the team and, if necessary, with the customer is important for the work, because on larger projects software developers do not work alone, but in larger teams.

Video on the job description of IT specialist

Application as a software developer or programmer

An application for a position as a software developer does not have to be conservative, but clearly structured, detailed and of course convincing. The job requires a certain amount of creativity, which is why the application may of course reflect this.

In this profession, applications are almost exclusively made online. This can be in various forms, either as an application homepage, as an application by e-mail or via an application form provided by the company.

In the cover letter, the first time the documents are viewed, it is decided whether someone will remain in the application process or be sorted out. Many find it difficult to sell and advertise themselves here, so it is important to have someone proofread the cover letter before sending it off.

As a rule, the résumé does not become important until the second time it is viewed, but it must of course be optimally designed. A tabular curriculum vitae with personal data, school and professional career as well as additional qualifications rounds off the picture of the applicant. Certificates and certificates are important, but mostly only serve as evidence and for open detailed questions.

All information and help for the application!

Trends and developments for software development

Hardly any other job area has grown as significantly in recent years as the IT industry. After economic consolidation processes, however, the software developers find themselves in global competitive situations again, which were not so clearly a few years ago.

Programming languages ​​are uniform worldwide, so it is a question of costs for an investor whether he has the software development carried out in cheap India or in Germany.

The use of existing modules now shortens the development times of software, which is why the operating times are also shortened and thus the costs.

For software developers today, user experience plays an important role in addition to usability. The aim here is to convey a positive and, above all, memorable experience to the user in order to generate pleasure in use.

Many programmers become self-employed as an employee and set up their own companies.

Source: Employment and unemployment statistics from the Federal Employment Agency (IAB Research Group on Vocational Labor Markets).

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