What is Reiki Healing for Dogs

Reiki for cats

Krümel's owner was very worried. Her eleven-year-old, ten kilogram tomcat was seriously ill with sugar. In addition, his mobility and play instinct decreased due to a stiffening of the bone marrow. However, the treatment by the veterinarian was without any noticeable success. In order to leave no stone unturned, Krümel's mistress decided to give Reiki a try. With the doctor's consent, she turned to Britta Hoffmann. "The first session turned out to be extremely difficult. I had to fumble behind the cat on all fours for half an hour," says the Reiki master. "Whenever he felt the energy, he made a short sound, got up and lay down a meter away from me. When I wanted to let it be enough for this time, Krümel suddenly lay down very relaxed and enjoyed the treatment for about five Minutes. " On her second visit, Krümel approached the therapist happily and immediately stretched his bottom and then his stomach towards her. Although he otherwise doesn't like being touched there, he enjoyed the gift of energy to the fullest. In the meantime he has been successfully re-adjusted to insulin. Because Reiki is obviously good for him, his mistress learned the method herself. Krümel has got used to the daily injections well. He feels good, can walk better and has lost weight.

Rediscovery of an ancient method

Reiki is an ancient healing method that was mentioned in Indian scriptures over 2500 years ago. In the 19th century it was founded by Dr. Mikao Usui (1862–1926), a Christian monk from Japan, rediscovered. Loosely translated, Reiki means something like "Universal Life Energy". In Asia, the idea that solid matter ultimately consists of energy has been firmly anchored for centuries. In the West, on the other hand, it has only been recognized by scientists since the beginning of the 19th century when quantum physics recognized that all matter consists of atoms, which in turn are composed of invisible energy units (quarks).

Harmonization of the energy system

Mental health problems, shock, injuries or poor nutrition can unbalance the vibrations of the energy system of humans and animals. If several factors add up, this can lead to disease. Reiki can now help to harmonize the energy again. The life force constantly flowing in the universe is available to everyone. You just have to learn how to "tap" and transfer them. This is usually done by gently laying hands on, e.g. on the head or stomach. This results in deep relaxation and soothing warmth, which lead to deep relaxation. "In contrast to dogs, cats can recharge their own energy supply," explains the 41-year-old animal healer, Reiki master and teacher. "They are often in places like water veins or earth rays, while dogs avoid them. When giving Reiki, cats usually notice the energy immediately and withdraw first. But then they have understood that they can get their energies just as well with a certain person can recharge like in high-energy places, many come by themselves and pick up Reiki. "

Supplementary help with many problems

The area of ​​application is diverse. After consultation with the veterinarian or animal health practitioner, Reiki can be used as a supplementary measure, e.g. for osteoarthritis, rheumatism or skin problems. Reiki can also help if a breeding cat does not become pregnant or has a difficult birth. The energy transfer can have a calming effect when driving a car, after moving or changing ownership, in the event of aggression, shock or fear of people, dogs or noises. Despite many grateful cat owners, Britta Hoffmann warns against seeing Reiki as a panacea. "However, it is an excellent complement to conventional medicine because it stimulates the body's self-healing powers," she emphasizes.

Anyone can learn to give Reiki

It is also very important to Britta Hoffmann to volunteer to treat animal shelter and to pass on her knowledge in seminars so that pet owners can look after their four-legged friends themselves. Since January she has quit her main job as a management consultant to only be there for animals. She works hand in hand with the animal psychologist and Reiki master Monika Addy. "If you have psychological problems, you usually have to change something around a cat," she explains. "Due to the close relationship many cats have with their owner, complaints can also be triggered by the two-legged friend. For example, its own nervousness is not infrequently transmitted to the cat." In such cases it can therefore be useful to harmonize both "in a double pack" with Reiki. (Saskia Brixner)

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