Why are Hondas so popular in Hawaii

USA: Suzuki withdraws from the auto market Focus on motorcycles, quads and boat engines

retreat of Suzuki: Due to sales problems in the United States the Japanese manufacturer leaves the local car market. Even the expensive Porsche models have been selling more often recently

Suzuki is getting out of the due to weak sales and unfavorable exchange rates US auto market out. The Japanese company announced on Tuesday that it intends to concentrate on the sale of motorcycles, quads and outboard boat engines in the United States.


Suzuki: Weaker than Porsche in the USA

From January to October, Suzuki was only able to sell around 21,000 cars in the USA - that is fewer than any other Asian manufacturer and even fewer than the luxury German manufacturer Porsche. Other Japanese car manufacturers such as Honda or Toyota, on the other hand, are at the forefront in the USA and also produce in the country.

"After carefully reviewing our current situation and future opportunities in the US auto market, we made the difficult but necessary decision to cut back and stop selling new cars in the continental US (excluding Hawaii and Alaska)," said a statement from Suzuki.

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The US subsidiary American Suzuki Motor Corporation has filed for bankruptcy. 346 employees are directly affected. Luck in misfortune for the customers: Suzuki announced that it will maintain the guarantee claims and the supply of spare parts via the previous dealer network.
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