Synchronize audio and video with multiple cameras

Synchronize video and audio clips in multi-camera projects
You can sync your video and audio clips so they are all timed. The simplest method is to let the multi-camera editor analyze the audio for each individual clip and automatically synchronize the clips. For planned recordings, you can use a special audio signal such as a one-time clap of your hands (comparable to using a clapper for professional recordings). For some events, natural acoustic signals can be heard - such as music performances or sporting events with a start signal - which simplify the synchronization process.
You can also synchronize the clips using markers and recording times, or manually align the clips by dragging them to the desired timecode on the timeline. You could use a visual element common to all clips, such as a flash, to manually synchronize the videos. These methods are useful when there is no sound in the video, the audio waveforms in the clips are difficult to synchronize, or you just prefer to manually align the clips.
In some cases, depending on the source material, you may need to combine multiple synchronization options.
How to synchronize video and audio clips in the multi-camera editor
1 After importing the clips into the Multi-Camera Editor, choose one of the following options from the Source Sync Type list box on the toolbar:
• Audio: Click the Synchronize button next to the list boxto synchronize the clips in the timeline. Note: Your video clips must have sound to use this option.
• Markers: Select a clip on the Timeline, play the clip, or use a visual cue to move the scrubber to the desired location and click the Add / Remove Markers button on the toolbarto insert a marker. After a marker has been added to each clip, click the Sync button on the toolbarto align the clips with the markers.
• Recording date / time: Click the Synchronize buttonto synchronize the clips according to the recording dates and times specified in the metadata recorded by the camera. Note: To get exact results, the clocks of the cameras must be synchronized.
• Manually: Using a visual cue, drag each clip to the desired location on the timeline.
Note: If you want to exclude individual clips from the synchronization process, click the Exclude From Synchronization button on the relevant track. Click the (Enable for synchronization) to include the trace.
Tip: After the clips are synced, you can use the Lock button available on each track make sure the tracks stay in sync during the editing process.